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LCD Man’s Marathon Mindset ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 3, 2007

LCD Soundsystem star James Murphy chatted about his upcoming mix CD for Fabric this week (co-done with regular collaborator Pat Mahoney) and revealed that he hates playing short sets when DJing.

“I used to DJ for like 6 hours, I’d literally have like 500-600 records behind the decks for those APT parties. The party would start at 9pm, it’d be rammed by 10pm, and it’d be over at 7:00 in the morning. You would’ve been forced to play every single record you owned. I love that,” said James.

“Otherwise it feels like a celebrity appearance. I’ve had people give me 35-minute sets –I could play one track for 35 minutes,” he added.

Long set fanatic Danny Howells chatted to Skrufff last year about his own penchant for extended sets and opened up about the very real issue of needing to go to the toilet.

“I’ve actually done twelve hour sets where I haven’t pissed all night even when I’ve been drinking loads, such as in Montreal, because it was a really hot night and you sweat it out. I got to the end of the night and I was like: Shit I haven’t left the box once,” Danny recalled.

“Sometimes you are dancing around a bit and maybe laying off the beer and having a few tequilas or drinking water, sometimes you find you just sweat it out. If I do need to go to the bog I just stick on some old pop classic.”

DJ Tiesto, however, had the opposite problem when he performed the biggest gig of his career at the Olympic Games, when the opening ceremony ran over time and caught him short.

“I was afraid I didn’t have enough records to play,” he told Australian magazine Onion last year, adding “it was kind of fun because due to this reason I had to improvise a little.”

In more LCD news, Virgin unveiled details of the band’s new single release this week, Someone Great, which the label said is ‘too fragile to remix’. Instead, Soulwax, Gucci SoundSystem (Riton). Windsurf and Carl Craig have remixed their favourite tracks from the album, all of which clock in appropriately at over 9 minutes long.

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