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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 3, 2007

“We’ve never been about sitting in pubs with fellow bearded men, celebrating obscure techno records. We were conscious not to be part of a one dimensional genre that played the same music for five hours.” (Metro)

Unabomber/ Elektron main man Luke Cowdrey outlines his musical philosophy.


“It’s made production economical but studios have been put out of business because of it. So the advancement in technology means a lot of people lost businesses- millions and millions and millions of dollars.” (One Week To Live)

David Morales ponders the wider impact of laptop music production.


“After New Year’s Eve, the Cross, Canvas and the Key all shut down. But we’ve got a few parties booked in before that.” (DJ Magazine)

Kings Cross club owner Billy Reilly confirms that his clubs will be shutting for at least two years as the inner London area is redeveloped.


“People forget that it was an attitude, a mindset, reacting to what was going on in the world, in music, at that time. You can’t take that and place it now; that would be just mimicry. It’s weird when you hear things like ‘this is the new punk rock’. They’re so obsessed with looking back. People doing their own thing- that’s punk.” (Sunday Times)

Original punk/ gothic heroin Siouxsie Sioux dismisses modern ‘punks’.


“Unlicensed music events are something we take very seriously because so much damage is caused to the environment, animals and fauna.” (,uk)

Green fingered eco-cop Chief Supt Bob Scully explains why Norfolk force have nothing better to do than bust outdoor raves, even when the free parties fail to disturb anyone.


"I remember driving around America on tour, and I couldn't stop playing Snow Patrol when they first started out, and I couldn't figure out whether they were really good or whether they were U2 part two, but I really like them. And I've been listening to Donna Summer this week. So all and everything, I'll listen to classical records sometimes; I'm all over the place." (I Like

Pete Tong reveals his in car listening choices.


“At the aftershow party in Pacha, Nick and Peanut were bopping on the dancefloor like regular ravers. Ricky found it so rammed he struggled to get through to the VIP seating area so he got the clubbers to lift him.” (Daily Star)

The Kaiser Chiefs get in the party spirit in Ibiza.


“I’ve not got a witness to the murder and yet there were 850 people in the club. There is a problem with murders within the black community – gun crime and an unwillingness to speak to police.” (Camden New Journal)

Detective Inspector Peter Holdcroft confirms that a TV Crimewatch appeal for witnesses to last year’s dancefloor shooting of Daniel Ross at the Scala, Kings Cross, failed to persuade anyone to come forward.


"William Hall lost his life one year ago due to the arrogance and incompetence of doctors’ behaviour at Can Misses Hospital in Ibiza." (Daily Mail)

Richard and Anna Hal condemn Ibiza doctors after they failed to take appropriate action which meant their 22 year son William died from a nosebleed, two days after being punched in the face as he left an Ibiza club last summer.

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