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Fantazia Clash of the Titans & Fanstasylands Music Festival Ingilston, Royal Highland Centre

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 5, 2007

Just a short reminder to let you not forget that Fantazia Clash of the Titans is on the 29th September at Braehead Arena.  This 8000 people event is the fourth in our sell out run and for the first time features 4 arena's, multi coloured lasers & a host of the biggest name DJs, PAs and MCs.   The atmosphere from Showtime in January was amazing and if you haven't been before do come and see what all the fuss is about.  This is a rave like they used to be....

Oh and if you buy a ticket direct from us you get the chance to by the brilliant Showtime or Into the Wonderland DVD for only £4.99 each.

Fantazia Clash of the Titans Information

If you already have your ticket, you can still buy a Fantazia t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat etc from our online store.  Delivery time is normally within 4 working days and we have over 100 different styles to choose from, including customisable ones that you can add your name to.  If you don't see the style you want, send us an email and we will set it up for you.

Fantazia T-shirts

The Fantazia website keeps getting bigger, better and more popular, as we strive to make it the very best  we can.  We will be adding a host of more DJ and PA audio interviews shortly, as well as a Fantazia TV channel featuring lots more footage from past and present Fantazia events.    Whilst browsing the site do also listen to the Fantazia Radio Player which now hosts 24 different stations, from Hardcore - Rave,  Techno - House.    If you have a station and would like to be added or would like to suggestion one do get in touch.

You can also now rate the stations that you like listening to, so do take the time to give the stations you like your support.

Fantazia Radio Player

New additions to the Fantazia Shop this month include many mixes from the very popular 90's happy hardcore club Diehard.  We have over 100 sets already with another 50 or so mixes coming soon.  Some great stuff there, with banging music and accompanying MC's.  A great addition to any collection.

Diehard music

And finally.....the big news......

On the 24th November Fantazia will be hosting the main 7000 people arena at Fantasylands Music Festival at the Royal Highland Centre, Ingilston.  This 12 hour dance spectacular will feature 5 arenas (including Gatecrasher & Hed Kandi) and promises to be the biggest rave that Scotland has seen for many years.  The Highland Centre was the home to the much loved Rezerection and we promise to recapture the spirit of all those past events.  The line up and more details coming soon, so keep checking the Fantazia site for updates:

Fantasylands Music Festival