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Chloé’s Myspace Moment ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on September 17, 2007

French minimal tech star Chloe chatted about her highly eclectic debut album The Waiting Room this week and revealed she’s actively targeting listeners outside club culture.

“I want to show people that you can add acoustic music with electronic music,” she told Skrufff, “I believe in a special way of new pop electronic futuristic music.”

Despite her futuristic intentions, she admitted she’s so far failed to overcome her long-standing antipathy towards Myspace, which she only signed up to two months ago to use as a promotional site for her album.

“I didn’t want to do it previously because I was so busy on projects like my album and Djing and I can see that lots of people spent lots of time on Myspace and I was afraid to lose time,” said Chloe.

“For ages I refused to use it because I didn’t understand what was the point of it. I didn’t like the idea that just because everybody else has a Myspace page, I should have one too. Finally, I have one, for the moment, and I must say it’s made it easier to get in contact with other producers. But I still don’t really see the point of Myspace,” said Chloe.

Her attitude differed markedly from that of Skrufff contributor Dave Clarke who told Skrufff in February he’s enthusiastic about the social networking site’s potential.

“Adapt and survive is the message from evolution . . . that can also be applied to technology,” said Dave,

“I’m feeling very optimistic and excited about the future of music, the dinosaurs are losing their stranglehold, the superstar DJ is dying and there is shit-loads of great music out there. And Myspace enables artist to talk to artist unimpeded,” he said.

Techno pioneer Oliver Huntemann told Skrufff he was similarly inspired in an interview earlier this year, using the site to reconnect with his biggest teenage idols

“Samantha Fox is one of my youth dreams. I was fifteen or sixteen when she became a pop star,” Oliver confessed.

“I found her on Myspace and thought ‘I have to add Samantha’ Fox. She’s a part of my history.”

Chloé’s new album The Waiting Room is out on Kill The DJ on October 8.

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