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Tiesto Taunts Too Timid DJs ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on September 17, 2007

The world’s most popular DJ Tiesto chatted about the secrets of his astonishing success this week and suggested fans love him for his honesty (‘I do it because I like it, not because it's commercial’) and his superior performance skills (and pyrotechnics).

"A lot of DJs are very afraid of taking new steps, and think it's all about playing records," Tiesto told Canadian website, "They are just doing their thing and not adding anything new, and then people get bored of it.”

Meanwhile in LA, rival superstar spinner Paul Oakenfold came in for a critical mauling after he warmed up for Underworld at the Hollywood Bowl, apparently for trying to do more than play records.

“Paul Oakenfold’s opening set begged the question: why does the biggest DJ in the world need to spoil his already kinda’ putrid trance with the addition of live instruments?” LA Weekly writer Jonah Flicker complained, “Oakenfold was all pumping fists and flowing hair, but it just wasn’t working. The crowd seemed mostly content to fill its collective belly with picnic goodies and wine while it waited for the headlining act,” he added.

LA Citybeat was also mean about Oakey, reporting that ‘the eminent trance DJ was spinning layers of ennui like some cotton-candy Morpheus’

“Paul Oakenfold’s noble, pudgy head filled the Bowl’s four Jumbotrons,” the magazine added, “As the fabled sonic magician went without hurry or success at the job of unsticking asses from seats.”

The importance of performing was touched on by Judge Jules last year, when he

suggested DJing is nowadays ‘49% about the image and performing and 51% about the music’, a stance which failed to impress Mixmag managing editor and upcoming miminal tech DJ James Mowbray at the time.

“Maybe it is in his world and the kind of music he plays, I guess he might have been referring to Eddie Halliwell who’s a showman,” Mowbray surmised, “I’m not into the music Jules does but for him I guess it is like that. For other genres I think it’s still about playing great records in the right order,” he suggested.  (Tiesto speaks out more)

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