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Reported by Trackitdown TID on September 17, 2007

"It has become this international playground, it reminds me of New York in the 1980s and as a Londoner you can almost feel like a foreigner in your own city.” (Independent)

Pete Tong says London is the new New York.

Behind closed government doors the battle for the soul of Ibiza between the golf clubs and the dance clubs, the rich tourists versus the clubbers, still rages and the island’s future is uncertain.” (Mixmag)

Mixmag warns that authorities’ crackdowns on clubs really could kill the island’s club scene.

“It’s highly delicate and political in Ibiza. Notice how if you read about a certain DJ talking about Ibiza they always mention the club they do? It’s so small and highly strung and out of character with everything else but it really is the thing that changed poor peasants into millionaires so that’s why it’s like that.” (One Week To Live)

Very Very Wrong Indeed mainman Tim Sheridan says he actively avoids Ibiza’s ‘Disco Mafia’ superclubs.

“I’d be bored to death if I had to play minimal techno.” (Mixmag)\

David Guetta defends dropping tracks including House Of Pain’s Jump Around and Snap’s The Power on the main dancefloor of Pacha Ibiza.

“Do a good turn for someone. It may sound worthy but scientists have proved that altruism gives longer-lasting pleasure than a bar of chocolate or buying a new outfit.” (Standard)

How To Be Happy author Liz Hoggard says helping others ‘triggers a cascade of positive effects.”

"My right breast disappeared in only two days.” (Southern China City News)

A Taiwanese woman reveals what happened when a bee stung her as she rode a motorbike, penetrating one of her breast implants.

“If past behavior is any indication, Diddy is likely to jump on the mike to help pump up the crowd. His domination of the top tiers of the hip-hop and business worlds hasn't completely erased the influence of his days as a backup dancer in videos, as Diddy tends to run towards the attention, not put up walls against it.” (Washington Post)

The Washington Post predicts P Diddy’s VIP party at Pacha Ibiza will be a hands-on affair.

“On the one hand I’ll miss 10 years presenting Saturday nights on Radio 1. On the other, I fully understand the logic of grouping all the dance shows together on one night (Friday), and clearly the new Friday night running order makes perfect music sense.  I’m looking forward to charging up peoples’ Friday nights.”

Judge Jules welcomes the recent Radio 1 changes which see him switching to 1am every Friday.

“I have no doubt that the consumption of Ecstasy was one of the greatest contributing factors to this terrible accident." (Yahoo news)

Judge William Kennedy on sentencing Theresa Clarke, 28, to 4 years in jail after she pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, after killing three passengers, when she crashed on the way home from the V festival last year, after taking one and a half ecstasy pills.

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