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Kissing Is the New Porn ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 28, 2007

Infamous US (porn star and prostitute turned sex guru and performance artist’ (her description) Annie Sprinkle unveiled details of hew new show the Extreme Kissing Workshop and revealed that she nowadays considers hardcore public sex ‘passe’.

"For a gal who has 'done it all,' less can be more. I like the minimalism. I think kissing can be more transgressive in a way these days than f**king,” she told the Village Voice, “It's kinky because it's not kinky. Kinky is so mainstream now. Kissing is radically traditional!” she added.

Also in the Voice, metrosexual inventor Mark Simpson attacked ‘playgay’ Hollywood movies in which straight actors play gay characters and concluded that the underlying subtext is straight culture trying to desexualise gay culture.

“Probably the main reason for the popularity of playgay is that it's reassuringly straight. In a world that is getting gayer by the day the only way to be sure of straightness is by having straight men pretend to be gay,” he suggested.

“Because, in the end, despite being made to wear designer underwear, use moisturiser and treat women with some respect they are still straight and still untouched. Gayness turns out to be sexless,” he said.


Both features appeared as Alternet ran a feature by Don Hazen examining Robert Jensen's new book,’ Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity’ which quoted the author’s bleak assessment of modern US society, based on the ever increasing normalisation of extreme hard core pornography


"If pornography is increasingly cruel and degrading, why is it increasingly commonplace instead of more marginalized? In a society that purports to be civilized, wouldn't we expect most people to reject sexual material that becomes ever more dismissive of the humanity of women? How do we explain ... increasingly more intense ways to humiliate women sexually and the rising

popularity of the films that present those activities?" Jensen writes in his book.


"This paradox can be resolved by recognizing that one of the assumptions is wrong. Here it is the assumption that the U.S. society routinely rejects cruelty and degradation. In fact the U.S. is a nation that has no serious objection to cruelty and degradation,” he adds.



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