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Lip Gloss & Mascara For Men ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 28, 2007

The Korea Times reported this week that ‘gender-bender’ shopping has become mainstream in Korea, with 20 and 30-something men snapping up new beauty products including mascara and lipstick for men.


“Before, colour lotion was the top seller,” Kim Sun-ae from online cosmetics store Interpark told the Times “But nowadays, they want more than that because society seems to call for clean cut, prettier guys,'' she said.


Her assessment matched that of smooth-skinned British heart throb/ progressive tech-house type Paolo Mojo who chatting to Skrufff this week about his own rigorous beauty regime, revealed an American Psycho style awareness of cosmetic procedures.


“I maintain my youthful looks thanks to a strict skincare regime involving intensive moisturising masks, apricot kernal face scrub to exfoliate, deep action rejuvenating night cream and soap free cleansing products,” said Paolo, “I believe in only using the best products on my skin so only the top brands will do - Clarins, Lancome and Shiseido are my favourites. With the long flights, late nights and smoky clubs you get with DJing you have a recipe for dermatalogical disaster,” he added.


Fellow Brit DJ Gareth Wyn said he’s not wearing lipstick just yet though stressed ‘I'd never rule it out.’


“I usually play to a very cosmopolitan crowd so I'm sure they'd love it,” he added, “You see more and more rock stars with the mascara look going on now, doesn't do them any harm at all. Pass me the lippy,” he added,


In more cosmetic news, a report by Euromonitor on economic trends in Pakistan published this week revealed that sale of men’s grooming product sales grew by 15% last year, despite opposition from Islamic fundamentalists. The study conceded that while ‘deodorant and moisturiser are still considered unmanly’ in Taliban controlled areas, men’s beauty salons are taking off in the rest of the country.


“Men who have to face the public are especially conscious about their appearance,” local plastic surgeon Zulfiqar Tunio told the Times, “There was a lack of awareness initially, but with the passage of time and a lot of marketing, now everyone is convinced,” he said. “They’ve seen the celebrities and the politicians.”


Meanwhile in Russiam local newspaper Russia Today declared ‘the male

metrosexual phenomenon is beginning to shape Russian culture’ in a similar creeping fashion to Pakistan.


‘Russian women used to say "a man doesn't have to be beautiful, just as long as he is better looking than a monkey",’ the newspaper added, “Now it seems this view is changing.” (Paolo Mojo) (Gareth DJs in the Courtyard at Cream's 15th Birthday on Saturday 20th October alongside Armin Van Buuren, Pete Tong, David Guetta) (Ask Islam: ‘Q: Is it permissible to use a perfume, deodorant, etc. which contains alcohol, and if so, can one perform Salaat without washing it off? 
A: It is not permissible to use deodorants that contain alcohol from grapes or date extracts. Such perfumes are impure . . .’)


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