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Horrorist’s Horrific Cannibal Confession ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 28, 2007

A new book featuring the thoughts of infamous German killer Armin Meiwes ‘Interview with a Cannibal’ was published this week in which Meiwes chatted candidly about the night he first ate willing victim Bernd Brandes.



The Rotenburg cannibal claimed he selected Brandes from 400 candidates who replied to his online advert seeking someone wanting to be killed and eaten, with Brandes joining him in trying to eat his own penis after Meiwes chopped it off and flambéed it.



“Everything was just as Bernd had wanted it,” he said. “The eating of him was to take place in the living room. It already looked festive with candlelight, and I had laid out the best black porcelain and the best tablecloth. I sat at the table just to enjoy this festive moment,” Meiwes recalled,



Nowadays Berlin based occult fanatic Oliver The Horrorist Chessler told Skrufff h was unsurprised by the case, declaring ‘Well the German's brought us Scheiße Films.’



“I watched one where a guy gave a blow job to another person's piece of shit. Why oh why? It's the inbreeding for sure,” he joked, “And I remember there was a woman in New York a few years ago who had three Doberman Pinchers and one night they turned on her, killed and ate her. Even German dogs are crazy!” he laughed.



“And once, after I played Tresor in 2001 one of the employees Mark Snow took me to the Kit Kat Club,” (Berlin’s Torture Garden equivalent) and when we got there the owner told us we had to take our shirts off if we wanted to get it.



Being on several hits of E at the time it seemed like a fine idea but when we entered we realized we were the only ones not wearing a shirt.  And being shirtless was an invitation for every German wacko to approach me with a sexual fantasy/invite. Even though I'm from New York City I heard things that night I won't ever repeat. My mouth is verboten! I wish someone would kill and eat me every time I think of that night,” said Oliver.



Armin Meiwes videoed the entire episode of castrating, cooking, eating and killing his victim and talks in his book of watching the video later, echoing the actions of Us serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who butchered 16 men in Milwaukee in the 80s, eating some of them and photographing almost all his victims.



 In his acclaimed book on the murders, Brian Masters suggested the camera ‘completes the objectification of the victim’ demonstrating ‘total control and ownership’. He also quoted extensively from 20th century philosopher Erich Fromm’s treatise ‘The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness’ and pointed out that necrophilous characteristics are surprisingly common throughout society.



“Men who feel more tender towards their cars than their wives are demonstrating the dangers of inanimation (literally soullessness) they wash it lovingly, even when they could afford to pay someone else to do it, they may give it a nickname, they caress it and gaze at it,” he said,


“The car has become in such cases, almost a love object- which does not, unlike a love subject, occasionally refuse one’s attentions. The murderer is doing precisely the same in turning his love object into a still image, turning love (aliveness, mutuality) into pornography (passivity, self gratification),” he suggested. (The Horrorist releases a new 6 track EP on Citizen Records shortly, plus 13 Dobermans" remixes (The Advent, Die Krupps, Felix Krötcher, Gabriel Palomo) in October).


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