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Dave Clarke’s True Loves ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 28, 2007

Dave Clarke chatted to Skrufff this week about his upcoming compilation ‘I Love Techno’ and revealed he still feels the same passion and commitment to the genre as when he first started.

“I love techno because it’s honest and challenging, it has an energy within it that excites me if done properly, DJing with it is also fun and busy, I would be bored if I played six to eight tracks an hour like trance, progressive or minimal DJs do. I would feel I was cheating the people and not earning my money and subsequently not challenging myself,” said Dave.

“I have said many times before but I’ll say it again; trance is like eating out and getting a big Mac; it's for nonces,” he chuckled, “And minimal generally doesn't interest me as I don't do coke or ketamine.”

The always outspoken controversialist also admitted being happily romantic, chatting openly about his love life and personal relationships in detail.

“Personal love is very important, without it, it can be an empty life,” he mused, admitting he’s almost a believer in love at first sight.

“Lust at first sight is generally more succinct,” he corrected, “Though if you are lucky then that can continue into love. Love is deeper than a visual encounter, you need to be interested in someone's character, the biggest mistake is to put that on the backburner, because eventually the relationship will have major flaws.”

“I used to cry a lot a few years back, but that was due to some exceptionally heavy emotional experiences including the death of three important figures in my life,” he added, “Looking back, I’ve realised I was very unbalanced at the time, crying at stupid things like good food, some lyrics, even a hot bath! 

Luckily some friends helped me get my shit together and my life today is one hell of a lot better and more balanced. Though I can still metaphorically cry when I hear a shite DJ; that can be so painful.”

The notoriously unapproachable DJ also chatted about the pressures of fame, admitting ‘ironically I can feel incredibly clumsy and uncomfortable getting appreciation from the public.

“I really don't know how to receive it and how to react to it, yet I know I will miss it when it disappears if I don't DJ or make music anymore,” he mused.

Dave DJs at Belgium festival I Love Techno on November 10, while his new one take compilation ‘Dave Clarke- I Love Techno’ (his second for the series) is out in October.

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