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Ibiza Chief Brands September ‘the New July’ ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 28, 2007

Pacha Ibiza brand director Danny Whittle chatted to Skrufff this week about the ups and downs of the latest clubbing season and agreed with a report on One Week to Live that more and more revellers are starting to booking long weekends instead of longer traditional holiday breaks.

“The weekend trend has been around for a while,” said Danny, “People have sussed out you can fly Easyjet to Ibiza and have a great weekend and not spend much more than a big weekend in London, especially in September.”

He also partially agreed with OWTL’s assessment that Ibiza Town’s been ‘strangely subdued in the Ibiza bar town areas since September arrived’ though pointed out ‘the first 10 days in September have always been a little slow because we get a big turnaround of tourists, the August crowd leave and the September crowd have not yet landed.’

“We at Pacha have found September to be taking over July because the closing parties have become so big,” he added.

Danny disagreed wholeheartedly, however, with the magazine’s assertion that rich people are pricing ‘traditional party people’ from Ibiza Town to San Antonio, arguing instead that parking restrictions are a bigger factor. He was also bullish about the overall climate for the party island.

“All the reports I have heard have put the English market up by 5% for the second year running and the Germans are returning after their period of bad economy seems to be passing,” he said.

“Still you can’t absorb East Germany and not have to miss a couple of holidays but it’s great to see the Germans back because they have always supported Ibiza from the 70s onwards. The good old Italians are also returning in numbers so all in all Ibiza is in a great place. Now we just need some direct flights in winter,” he added.

Eden promoter Judge Jules was also unimpressed by OWTL’s claim that San Antonio is the new Ibiza Town, telling Skrufff ‘there are Ibiza town clubs, mid island clubs (ie Amnesia/Privilege) and San An clubs. 

“Those in Ibiza Town have always been far more VIP table driven, with a far larger percentage of their floorspace devoted to table service. I don't think much has changed in this department,” he suggested.

“And ever since low-costs such as Easyjet arrived, there's been a huge weekend break culture,” he added..

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