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Soulwax Say It With Style ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 5, 2007

Belgium electro-rock superstars Soulwax unveiled details of the excellent greatest remixes album this week, with a title which explains exactly what it’s about.


"Most of the Remixes We've Made Over the Years Except for One by Einsturzende Neubaten Because We Lost it and a Few We Didn't Think Sounded Good Enough or Just Didn't Fit In But Including Some That are Hard to Find Because Either People Forgot About Them Or Just Simply Because They Haven't Been Released Yet. A Few We Really Love. One We Think is Just OK. Some We Did For Free. Some We Did For Money. Some Just For Ourselves Without Permission and Some For Friends as Swaps But Never On Time and Always At Our Studio In Ghent,” is released shortly and includes their brilliant floor-filler mixes of Robbie Williams, The Gossip and LCD Soundsystem as well as 11 other unmixed tracks (plus a mixed selection).


The upcoming release delivers an impressive response to detractors who mocked their Two Many DJs guise in earlier years, most memorably Skrufff contributor Dave Clarke.


“I often have 2ManyDjs enforced on me by women on tour buses,” Dave complained to Pulp magazine in 2004, “It’s f**king Jive Bunny that’s done in such a trendy type of way it suits Post Menstrual Stress,” he raged.


Far more positive about the band was Trash champion, rock-dance impresario Erol Alkan who, speaking to Skrufff the same year, was clear about how he spotted them (and Peaches) as early as 2001.


"I'm constantly looking for where the best energy is coming from and the most interesting things,” said Erol.


“Peaches was an incredibly interesting performer, whereas Soulwax were making very interesting concoctions of music and it just excited me. I always work on that initial spark, that feeling where you go 'wow, that's really good'. It all makes sense. Then you take the risk, following that instinct,” he said.


Soulwax mainman Stephen Dewaele revealed his own rocking inspirations some time after, telling 3D World he remains ‘obsessed’ with hard rock legends AC/DC.


“There’s no band in the world like them,” he enthused, “They don’t get enough credit sometimes. They’ve been hugely influential on modern music.”


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