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Hugh Hefner Snubs Spektrum ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 5, 2007

Lawyers from Hugh Hefner’s Playboy organisation reportedly threatened to sue London electro band Spektrum this week over the band’s decision to dress singer Lola Olafisoye in bowtie, rabbit ears and tail for their new video for single ‘Don’t Be Shy.’

StopStart label manager David Halliwell said the legal note warned that ‘the right to wear those three things in combination is the property of Playboy’ and criticised the ageing lothario’s actions.

"To be censored by Playboy after Hefner has spent nearly 50 years in court fighting against censorship laws is ludicrous,” he complained, “Saying that, this case is based on money not morals and Hugh Hefner has a lot more of the former than the latter,” he said.

His angry retort differed markedly in tone with the views of Defected DJ Dimitri From Paris, who in 2003 told Skrufff in an interview ‘I thought Hugh Hefner was the last real gentleman I’ve met.’ The French DJ mixed two compilation CDs for Hefner’s Playboy organisation at the beginning of the decade and was effusive in his praise for the notorious publisher.

“We just shook hands, but he gave me a very good impression,” he recalled.

“He was a real gentleman, in fact. Especially being in the area he’s in, the sex business… but he was delightful. I also like what he’s done with the magazine, it’s tasteful, not vulgar, and so I have a lot of respect for him.”

Gigolo Records boss DJ Hell also bigged up Hefner several years ago, after also linking up for a Playboy mansion mix CD.

“I have huge respect for both P Diddy and Hugh Hefner and people like them generally. Because I see what these kind of people have created in their lives,” said Hell, “They live their dream and nothing else, so I think I’m on the right path myself,” he added. (Spektrum censored)


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