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Fantazia’s Old Rave Rebellion ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 5, 2007

Fantazia chief Charles chatted to Skrufff this week about the enduring success of the still massively popular rave organisation and poked fun at ‘overpaid big name DJs’, the mainstream press and ‘nu rave’.

“Is Nu Rave any thing to do with dance music really? I’m not sure I can see the similarities between our 18/19 year old audience of hardcore partygoers and the Klaxon fans; except maybe the fashions,” said Charles.

“A real rave, as opposed to Nu Rave is not just about the fashion, it’s not just about wearing a smiley t-shirt and vibrant clothes, it’s a gathering of people who don’t care how they look, who are comfortable throwing their arms around strangers, jumping up and dancing,” he explained, “It’s about a crowd of like-minded people enjoying the beats- that’s a Fantazia party anyway,” he said.

Charles pointed out that the 16 year old rave organisation routinely hosts 8,000 capacity parties in both England and particularly Scotland, serving up old skool mixed with hardcore, happy hardcore and house music, in carefully chosen venues.

“Fantazia are not interested in doing clubs where different promoters do each week trying to convince people that they are doing something different when in effect its the same but with a few new banners, we put on one-off events that you will remember for years to come,” he explained,

“Fantazia is all about the past, present and future and they are currently the biggest parties in the UK that you have never heard about,” he added. “Its time the mainstream press woke up and saw what the next generation are actually doing as opposed to talking about big-name overpaid DJs.” 

“See you at our next big gig in November 24th at the Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh.  Our support brands on the night in the smaller arenas? Gatecrasher and Hed Kandi,” said Charles. (‘Fantazia @ United Kingdom of Dance Weekender

Dance Weekender @ Bognor Regis 12-14 October 2007 featuring Fantazia: ‘We are pleased to announce that we will be joining the United Kingdom of Dance weekender this October.  Its back & bigger than ever!  2 days & 2 nights non-stop club events with arena's also hosted by Eden, Miss Moneypenny's & Housexy!’)

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