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Keoki’s Twisted Firestarter Confession ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 5, 2007

Upcoming US electro-tech DJ Jason Tyler chatted about having his apartment accidentally burned down by Keoki this week and revealed he bears the New York club kid turned superstar DJ no grudges.

"Man, when you have a house fire, you see what's important and who's really down for you," he told the Miami New Times. "Like now, I don't try to fill my life with a lot of clutter. I think a lot better when things are more minimal."

The nowadays Miami based producer explained that Keoki has been staying with him for three months in his Chicago house when he inadvertently left an electric cable under a cinder block.

“You know how Mac laptops have those little tiny thin cords?” He accidentally had one under one of the cinderblocks, and that actually sparked the fire,” said Jason.

Speaking to Skrufff this week, Keoki described how the duo discovered the fire together after returning from a weekend in Detroit, and said he initially had no idea he was to blame.

“The neighbourhood kids came around the corner screaming your house was on fire, we were just quiet as we went through the place. We didn’t really know where it started or why,” he said.


“I was pretty much in denial at first, then when the investigation came through and it was obvious it started in my room, I basically felt like it was a sign. We had both been in a stale point in our lives in Chicago and I took it to mean we should look at the positive and get the f**k out. We could have died in the fire but we didn’t so I tried to convince Jason about the positive aspects,” he continued, “I told him he could use the story for press forever,” he laughed.

Keoki, who dated New York club kid impressario Michael Alig for a number of years (before the Party Monster murdered and butchered fellow club kid Angel Menendez) was philosophical about his latest brush with disaster.

“I don’t regret anything in my life. I have had some crazy things happen to me, yes, but I also know that these crazy things have helped to make me who I am today. At the very least I’m a genuine person who is open to the idea that anything can happen and anything is possible,” he said.

“And Jason and I are better friends than ever and we have just recently begun to work on an idea we have for a cross country tour as well as an album together. So look out for that in the near future; we have just bought a tour bus so it looks like it’s going to come together nicely.” (Jason Tyler’s new album MTRA is out now)

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