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Nag Nag Nag’s Demolition Date ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 5, 2007

Nag Nag Nag’s infamous underground basement venue the Ghetto is to close next year, after UK authorities approved £250million funding for the Crossrail underground railway link that will cut through Central London.

Press reports predicted neighbouring venue the Astoria will be demolished next year to make way for an airshaft needed for a new station being built at Tottenham Court Road, with the Ghetto being knocked down as part of the overall construction project.

“Yes it's true, they're pulling down one of London's best live venues,” Nag Nag Nag’s Fil OK told Skrufff, “It's a huge shame, the Astoria is such a historic building – everyone’s played there, but it’s being pulled down because of Crossrail,” he confirmed.

“And yes the Ghetto will be going too, but hopefully not until at least summer next year, so there's plenty of Nag's left yet,” he promised

Fellow Nag promoter Jonny Slut also looked on the bright side, telling Skrufff ‘Hmmmm,  being surrounded by a bunch of fit young hard hatted men with their power tools in action? Nice,” he laughed.

Jonny and Fil (aka Atomizer) release their new single Je Suis Lesbien shortly (listen to the mix on their website below); Jonny DJs at new night Floorshow at the Scala on Friday October 12 (alongside Chicks On Speed, Huski, Gobsausage, Gash DJs and more). Nag is every Wednesday at the Ghetto (until further notice). (‘The main threat to the Astoria, comes from the London Crossrail link where a compulsory purchase order exists, which would totally bulldoze the Astoria in order to use it as a works yard for the development . . .’)

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