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Israel OKs Ecstasy Use ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 5, 2007

Israeli authorities announced this week they’re to stop arresting ‘first time’ drug users when caught with ‘personal use’ quantities of any narcotic.

Under the scheme, users will escape prosecution the first time they’re busted with up to 0.3 grams of heroin or cocaine, 3 ecstasy pills, 2 grams of opium and 15 grams (half of ounce) of pot, though their names will be recorded.

"The General Inspector prefers to dry up the swamp instead of killing the mosquitoes one at a time," an unnamed local police chief told Israeli newspaper Haaretz (explaining they’re not targeting just suppliers), "For most of those caught for the first-time, any contact with the police creates fear,” he added.

Tel Aviv electro promoter/ DJ Ellyot welcomed the news, telling Skrufff ‘any relaxing of drug laws is good news for Tel Aviv's nightlife. I think the police have finally understood that arresting people for having one E on them is just a waste of time.

Ellyot said police raids on clubs are very rare in Israel already with few people encountering police on the club scene.

“And of course there are far more pressing issues to be dealt with in our part of the world,” she pointed out, “Like dealing with greedy capitalists and ending the occupation of Palestine. I mean two separate states- Israel and Palestine,” she added. “I don’t really care which borders they finally agree to- as long as they do. I can't wait to use my passport and rock Ramaalla,” she said.

Israel’s announcement coincided with reports from Dubai that a British clubber was sentenced to four years in jail this week, after being busted at the airport with ecstasy. The Gulf News said the unnamed 39 year old pleaded guilty after being caught with 1.71 grams of ecstasy at the airport and explained he’d forgotten the pills were in his luggage before traveling.

The clubber was locked up just four months after another British tourist got 4 years after being caught with a miniscule quantity of hashish in the lining of his pockets (0.07 grams- a little over two-thousandths of an ounce) and two months after a 52 year old American professor received the same sentence after being caught with 0.9 grams of marijuana.

The harshest penalty, however, was saved for an Egyptian man who got four years recently after blood tests showed he had traces of marijuana in his system. Though the 29 year old claimed he’d smoked a joint several days before arriving, he was jailed nonetheless, highlighting UAE’s absolute zero tolerance. And another tourist, who claims to be Bob Marley’s son, is also currently awaiting trial after being caught with cannabis at the airport while in transit, the Gulf News reported last week. (UK travel advice: ‘The penalties for drug trafficking, smuggling and possession are severe.  The possession and/or import of even the smallest amount of drugs can result in a minimum prison sentence of four years.  The presence of drugs in the bloodstream is counted as possession . . . ’)


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