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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 5, 2007

"Looking back, I wish I'd helped him more. I think that all the time... but we were having such a good time and you're very selfish when you're young. Epilepsy wasn't understood then. People would just say, 'He's a bit of a loony - he has fits'".

New Order’s Stephen Norris remembers Ian Curtis’ last days in Joy Division, before the legendary singer hung himself.


“He calls himself The King - and even Prince Charles cannot be any more demanding than he is. He has a cast of thousands to ensure his life is perfect. They hang on his every need - he has one man just to pour his drinks, one to cut his hair and shave him...and two entire teams to look after his jewellery and clothes."   Sunday Mirror)

Erick Morillo’s exotic dancer ex Nai Bacha outlines the lifestyle of the guy she left him for (for ten months),- P Diddy.


In terms of the noise, you just can't insist on building discos wherever you want—Björk's raising her kids now in Chelsea, you know?. The future of New York's nightclubs really may just be in Brooklyn.” (Village Voice)

Dance Music Invasion organizer Larry Tee admits New York City has ‘fallen so far behind in dance music’,


“ In school, I was always forced to play percussion – my teachers wouldn’t give me the flute or any other instrument – I didn’t even get the full kit – just the drum sticks and maybe a triangle.” (Fabric press release)

Minimal maestro Steve Bug recalls his minimal musical education.


“If you think you've picked up bedbugs from outside, you're going to have to strip naked in your hall and wash your clothes at high temperatures. They are little devils." boss David Cain confirms it’s becoming increasingly easy to catch bedbugs from seats on trains, buses and London’s Tube, after UK infestations rose by 500% in the last 12 months.


“As the kids of the 80s are increasingly distracted making families and paying off mortgages I guess it makes sense that the kids of the 90s (now in their twenties) are in control of youth culture. Standby for combat trousers, Ragga-Jungle and Speed Garage in hipster bars near you very soon.”  (

Marketing consultant Dan Pinch predicts an early 90s revival is the ‘next big thing’.


“Sometimes other people just get on your nerves, for no reason, just “being” is enough. They just open their mouth and you start to feel the hate and resentment building up, it makes you wonder.” (Soma press release)

Ken Downie from legendary 90s electronic pioneers Black Dog reveals that their soon-to-be re-released album Floods was written ‘under the very heavy influence of Prozac’.


“I’ve had sex with possibly hundreds of Muslim cab drivers in NYC (they love the trannies!), and you’d think a couple of them would be Iranian—so I’m going with YES.” (Willamette Week)

New York club kid trannie turned author James St James agrees he’s probably had sex with at least one Iranian man.


"This is the kind of thing that keeps me awake at 2 a.m. They will sting hundreds or thousands of times. They will go up your nose and in your mouth. We are talking about a real dramatic death and we just don't need that in Florida." (St Petersburgh Times)

Jerry Hayes, chief apiary inspector for Florida’ Department of Agriculture warns that killer bee attacks present an increasingly serious threat in Florida and Miami.


“Geek Gods — "Men aged under 35 who can't live without the latest gadget and are eager to help others understand their electronics. They are considered the most benevolent of the consumer types." Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.” (

A new book on US stereotypes categorises new men as ‘geek gods’, ‘Innerpreneurs — "The rebels, people who ignore trends’ and Denim Dads — "Active in raising children and embrace a balance between life and work.’


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