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DJ Mag ‘Appalled & Disgusted’ By Top 100 ‘Cheats’ ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 12, 2007

DJ Magazine ‘named, shamed and disqualified’ DJ Dan and Christopher Lawrence from this year’s Top 100 DJ poll this week, accusing the pair of gathering multiple votes through a computer script.

The magazine conceded that both DJs ‘vehemently denied any involvement in vote rigging’ though apparently shocked editor Lesley Wright justified the disqualifications angrily.

“It’s outrageous that DJs should attempt to cheat,” said Wright, “It shows a blatant disregard for the Top 100 poll, for DJ Magazine and, most importantly, for their fellow DJs. Shame on them,” she said.

DJ mag quoted Christopher’s lawyer Kent Liu as saying ‘My clients are willing to declare under oath that they themselves did not purchase or use a script, nor did they instruct any person in their employ to do so’, suggesting the story is likely to develop. Ironically, the highly respected US star, who came 4th in last year’s poll,  downplayed his ranking in an interview with Skrufff last year, saying at the time he didn’t consider it particularly important.

“They (the top 100 DJs) are older,” he laughed, adding “But, no, there are no real differences (between them and other DJs) except that perhaps those in the top 100 have far more aggressive marketing campaigns in place for the Top 100.”

“How big a deal is it coming in the top 5? It all depends,” Christopher added, “For my mother it was huge. And for my fans it is great because their votes were rewarded. For me, I am very grateful and to be honest, a little surprised, but at the end of the day it is a number that ultimately means nothing on the dance floor,” he said.

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