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Zarkoff’s Fearsome Flame War Revenge ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 12, 2007

Croatian nu energy star Zarkoff chatted to Skrufff this week about his new EP Acid Sun and revealed that, as well producing industrial strength high energy Depeche Mode style dance music, he also teaches martial arts.

“Practicing martial arts is a big part of my life, I started with kung fu 8 years ago and now I'm doing tai chi chuan, I'm no master but two of my teachers gave me permission to teach so now there's a small group of us in my hometown Sisak and we practice in the park or a local club,” he explained.

“Did I ever have to use it? Yes I did,” he added, “I think it was justified but some of it could have been avoided. It takes two to tango, right? Ego is a nasty thing, and fights are usually about proving yourself; but in a very wrong way,” he mused.


The softly spoken 27 year old (who’s also a linguist specializing in Russian) cautiously chatted about ohis fights (‘please don’t edit it to make me look a complete jerk’) and grudgingly agreed to share a couple of ‘embarrassing anecdotes’.


“A certain journalist wannabe accused me and my friends in public (on his internet portal) of some things that were simply not true once and I replied on the same portal making fun of him, and we got into a serious public online fight,” he recalled, “So I publicly challenged him to a good old fashioned duel; to settle our differences with fists.”


“And we did. It was a rainy night when it happened and we fought on concrete covered with broken glass - a movie scene. And it was a long fight, not the usual few blows exchanged before someone steps in. Nobody would step in because it was a duel. This guy could take a beating, but he had no skill at all so it wasn't really a fair fight. When he hit the ground, I considered it done and left,” he continued.


“I hate to see fighters who punish their opponents more than necessary. I don't think he was hurt badly, but I hurt my knuckle pretty bad from hitting him, and my knee was swollen from colliding with his extremely resistant head. So it was a victory, I guess, but it solved nothing. Though I did enjoy it, I have to admit,” he confessed.


 “There have been a few other cases of martial arts application that were just to show that it is not smart to mess with me, which is ideal because it simply ends the situation and it doesn't escalate into a fight,” Zarkoff told Jonty Skrufff.


“Tai chi is great for this. If you remember the guy that was staring at you when you were here in Sisak (a drunken, aggressive, oversized punk, JS), well, I sent him flying over the tables on one occasion and he never said a word to me afterwards. Unfortunately some people only recognize force,” he added.


Zarkoff- Acid Sun EP is out now on Home Made Records. (Karate game)


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