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Tony Blair Steals Oakey’s Parking Space ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 12, 2007

London security chiefs announced this week that they want to install several police only parking spaces outside Tony Blair’s Connaught Square mansion, meaning his superstar DJ neighbour Paul Oakenfold will no longer be able to park outside his house.

The parking restrictions are part of a package of £3 million security measures designed to protect Britain’s notorious ex-PM, which has prompted some residents to ask the government to provide bombproof windows, the Standard reported this week.

“The council has no desire to see residential areas turned into mini-fortresses,” Westminster parking chief Danny Chalkley stressed, “Our priority is to ensure this arrangement causes minimum disruption to Mr Blair’s neighbours.”

Trance uberlord Oakey appears fortunate in also owning a getaway pad in Hollywood California, from which he likes nothing better than gazing at the world famous Hollywood sign, he revealed this week.

“I never dreamed that would happen. That was part of the reason for buying the house (having the view of the Hollywood sign),” Oakey told UK portal I Love Music., “I said to my mum, 'I can't believe that it's here.'

The multi-millionaire DJ also offered classic advice for jocks wanting to follow in his larger than life footsteps, recommending ‘following that dream’ relentlessly, (and never giving up).

“You will be one of the 10% of people out there who are in that bracket because you've succeeded,”  Oakey advised, “90% of people don't live their dream, they talk about it. We've all been in the pub when your mate says 'I'm going to do this' and you go back a year later and he's sitting in the same chair saying the same thing. We've all been there or know someone who's been there,” he said

Paul Oakenfold’s Greatest Hits & Remixes is out shortly on Perfecto: he also DJs at Turnmills on Friday October 12 alongside LoFi Rebel. (Parking game) (Tony Blair platform fighting game)

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