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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 12, 2007

"I don't really want to support his bid for the presidency. But he is insane and he would be really entertaining as president I  really do love that the Republican front runner is a cross-dresser who has publicly supported gay rights and has called for a ban on private gun ownership.” (

Moby almost declares his support for notorious party assassin Rudolph Giuliani.


"Islington compares well with other boroughs in terms of how our licensed premises are handled. We have a specific group of officers to deal with alcohol-related crime - but the bottom line is that we don't have a problem." (Islington Gazette)

Islington police chief Inspector Bob Strong celebrates figures showing just 96 people were seriously assaulted and two shot dead in clubs in the North London borough last year.


“My granny can do it now. Now all I need to do is convert all her old 78s for her. Bless.” (One Week To Live)

Desyn Maseillo appears unimpressed with DJs who use Ableton.


“I’ve only played one venue in Inverness, previously called Blue and now re-opened as Motion. Despite the long time lag I remember my last visit clearly. On my last visit I watched a random clubber perform fellatio on the resident dj behind the decks. This wasn’t something I’d witnessed before, and (suffice to say) not something I’ve experienced personally.” (

Judge Jules insists he’s innocent.


“Guests would say, "I bet you feel a dickhead doing this".” (Guardian)

Shed 7 drummer Alan Leach, on becoming a wedding DJ after the (recently revived) band stopped in the mid 90s.


“Berlin is like New York City in the 1980s. Rents are cheap, graffiti is everywhere and the air crackles with a creativity that comes only from a city in transition.” (New York Times)

The New York Times hails Berlin’s rougher edges.


“AVOID – Bar Surfing fraud  -  customers are arriving early to take advantage of concession prices – exiting on a smoking pass and returning at peak times to avoid full entry charges.” (Club IDScan press release)

UK club ID card company IDScan unveil their new smoking ban device Smokescreen.


“Behind the counter you have to be very diplomatic. Someone behind the counter has to put a shop head on and make sure they sell everything, not just what they like.” (One Week To Live)

Nicky Blackmarket outlines the qualities successful record shop assistants nowadays need.


“A first killing is like your first love. You never forget it.” (Daily Telegraph)

Russian serial killer Alexander Pichushkin boasts about murdering up to 63 people following his first killing in 1992.


"Since the times of Queen Elizabeth I, British intelligence has operated on the principle that the end justifies the means. Their main methods of recruitment are money, bribery, blackmail and immunity from prosecution." (Guardian)

Russian Spy chief Nikolai Patrushev accuses MI5 of continuing to operate James Bond style practises


Skrufff Top 5:

Skrufff Top 5: (331) 12 October:

1: Edu K: Gatas

(Man Recordings)

Carioca funk crossover kings Man Recordings (from Berlin) do it yet again, dropping yet another superlative baile funk/ techno fusion built around the infectious irrepressible vocals of Brasilian favela legend Edu K.

Gatas literally translates as ‘cat’ in Portuguese though is the Brasilian street equivelent of ‘chick’, reliable sources suggest. Filthy, Funky and Funking great.

2: Splittr: All Alone: Shadow Dancer Remix

(Eye Industries)

UK production duo Martijn Ten velden and Mark Yardley (aka Stanton Warriors) take a break from the breaks, re-emerging as consonant heavy electro-tech-sonic noise sorts Splittr.

Michael Gray and Chicken Lips lend their remix hands though mysterious outsider Shadow Dancer steals the show, sensibly submerging (Mark Yardley’s) vocals in favour of the tune.


3: Rainer Weichhold: Bamboo

(Great Stuff)

Great Stuff A&R/ label chief Rainer Weichhold teams up with label favourite Bülent Gürler (aka Butch) for his second release, dropping

4:Stakker Humanoid (Scan X mix)


Acid house pioneer Brian Dougans prepares to revisit his dim and distant past, courtesy of a slew of upcoming remixes of his 1988 debut single Stakker Humanoid. The original went on to sell 300,000 (considerably more than his later project, the ill-fated- and ill-named Future Sound Of London) and remains a bona fide acid house anthem.

French tech type Scan X typically excels and look out for the effervescent Punx Soundcheck mix too.

5: DJ Foundation: Mosul Iraq (Metal Postcard Records)

Anti-war advocate DJ Fundation returns with an unashamedly ‘big and dumb’ (their words) electro-house mash-up, built around cameos from the Village People, Bruce Springsteen and a completely bonkers god-fearing fire and brimstone preacher.

Best of all though is the relentlessly USA-USA-USA-USA military chant at the beginning, which should provide ample DIY sampling opportunities for those sho inclined. Murderous. (To hear these tunes, tune into the Skrufff Show on Ministry Of Sound Radio, every Sunday from 20.00-22.00 GMT)

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