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BLOC Weekend 2008 Lineup Announced

Reported by Kris [] on October 19, 2007

BLOC WEEKEND 14 - 16 March 2008
Pontin's Holiday Park, Hemsby, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK.

Ok. Let’s get down to basics. This is what you really want to know. The confirmed lineup so far…

Very Special Guest TBA
Red Snapper (Reformed) – LIVE
Amon Tobin
Underground Resistance presents Interstellar Fugitives feat. ‘Mad’ Mike Banks, Ray7, Atlantis, DJ Skurge and Frankie Fultz – LIVE
Rephlex Records Present:
Bochum Welt – LIVE
Lory D – LIVE
Luke Vibert
DJ Rephlex Records
Various Productions
Milanese – LIVE
FWD presents:
Bass Fiction aka Kode 9 and Spaceape – LIVE
Oris Jay aka Darqwan
Therapy Sessions present:
Stakka and Skynet – LIVE
Current Value – LIVE

Dave Clarke
Joey Beltram
Juan Atkins
Ben Sims
Phuture 303 – LIVE
A Guy Called Gerald – LIVE
Monolake – LIVE
Sleeparchive - LIVE
Cristian Vogel and Ben Pest aka Black-E – LIVE
Subhead – LIVE
Convextion – LIVE
Claro Intelecto and Andy Stott – LIVE
Dynamix II – DJ Scratch-D
Radioactive Man – LIVE
Legowelt – LIVE
Mr Velcro Fastener - LIVE
Detroit Grand Pubahs (Mysterious Mr. O)
Manasyt – LIVE
Ed Chamberlain – LIVE
Syntheme – LIVE
The Dexorcist
Mesak and Claws Costeau – Skweee set

The Black Dog – LIVE
Bitstream – LIVE
LA Synthesis – 1st LIVE show in 10 years
Transparent Sound – LIVE
the wee djs – LIVE
Bass Junkie
Digitonal – LIVE
Ochre – LIVE
Christ – LIVE
Boxcutter – LIVE

Skull Disco Presents:

Necta selecta

Süd Electronic presents

Portable aka Bodycode – LIVE
Marco Shuttle
Nick Craddock

Werk Discs presents
Actress – LIVE

Rag and Bone Presents:
Black Mass Plastics - LIVE

Kraktronik and HOG Present

Sir Real
Al Tourettes
Harvey Lane

WireBLOCk Presents
Jackmaster, Spencer & Nel

Bleep43 Presents
Plant43- LIVE - Jo Johnson – LIVE - Orphan – LIVE

Cubik and CSS Malta present
Him and Me

Luke’s Anger – LIVE
Smashback – LIVE
Rogue Harvester aka Full Spectrum and Bada – LIVE
Shelley Parker
Coded Soul
Richard Brophy
AGT Rave Cru
Computer Controlled DJs

BLOC Residents:
James Tec, Rebel Intelligence, Joe Hart, George ‘Skull’ Hull & Jerome Hill

“The best rave ever?” DJ Mag front cover, April 2007

BLOC is a two and a half thousand capacity underground electronic dance festival held in an off season holiday park over three nights of a long weekend.

BLOC is a powerhouse of dynamic, forward-thinking underground music. Featuring rare appearances from Dave Clarke, Amon Tobin, Kode 9, Joey Beltram, Red Snapper and many more, BLOC is set to demolish a generation one more time.

BLOC is designed to be an internationally visible showcase for the underground scene in the UK, focusing on a dual ethos of fanatical and utter dedication to music on the one hand, and an almighty headbanging rave on the other.

BLOC evolved from a Brighton club night into the biggest and best UK festival of its kind for its Year Zero event – BLOC 07. This sold out six weeks in advance, raising the bar for music programming in the UK and proving that rumours of the death of the underground have been greatly exaggerated.

BLOC takes advantage of its holiday park surroundings to feature all sorts of diversionary excitement. Alongside the heavyweight music, BLOC attendees can experience the entire spectrum of leisure, from go-karts and a swimming pool, to the commando death-slide and a quite shoddy arcade. Everyone attending BLOC 08 will also have the opportunity to take part in Ceephax Acid Crew’s Fancy Dress Sunday Acid Bingo Session – a BLOC-wide full-sized game of Bingo to seal in the weekend.

Tickets are £110 and are available online from our website. They need to be booked in groups of 4,5,6,7 or 8 according to the size of apartment required. All arenas and accommodation are indoors and heated.