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Christopher Lawrence ‘Not Guilty’ In DJ Mag’s Cheating Poll ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 22, 2007

DJ Magazine have withdrawn accusations that DJ Dan and Christopher Lawrence had personally cheated in this year’s upcoming top 100 DJs list, after both DJs blamed an over-zealous marketing executive for fixing the vote.

Previously DJ magazine said they were ‘appalled and disgusted to discover suspicious voting irregularities’ though this week issued a considerably more restrained statement praising each DJ’s abilities.

“DJmag has been in lengthy discussions with both DJ Dan and Christopher Lawrence following our discovery of voting irregularities. They accept that there were irregularities in respect to their names,” said DJ, “We fully accept their explanations that they, personally, had no involvement in any cheating,” they added.

Chatting to Skrufff, Christopher Lawrence said his first reaction on hearing himself branded a cheat was ‘shock’.

“I thought ‘this has to be a mistake’, Christopher added, “Of course I considered legal action,” he said.

“Apparently there were multiple votes from single IP addresses. DJ Mag felt it was suspicious and contacted us to see if we knew anything about it,” he continued, “We didn't, so we arranged for the marketing manager who was handling my Top 100 campaign to speak to them. The marketing guy explained that he promotes the vote to street teams of 100,000- 150,000 people, mainly students.

My team hired him because he had done major campaigns like People's Choice Awards in the US as well as work for record labels and movie studios. He said he had never had problems before, but clearly DJ Mag had a problem with his methods and the multiple votes were irregular, so we had to ask him to step aside,” he continued.

“I felt that the article was a little premature and it would have been better for both sides if they had waited. But I am grateful that DJ Mag cleared me publicly,” Christopher added.

“My wife was worried and considered signing me up with a wedding DJ agency, but fortunately there has been no impact whatsoever. No cancelled bookings, no drops in offers. Nothing. So I guess I can put my Kool & the Gang records away. No weddings any time soon,” he quipped.

“As for personal reactions, the fans have been great, I was on tour in China over the weekend and the shows were the best I have ever done in that market. I think most people are able to put it into perspective. And as for other DJ’s reactions,

I think most DJs are probably relieved that it wasn't them,” he laughed.