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Pete Gooding’s Taxi Driver Disaster ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 22, 2007

Electro-type DJ/ producer Louis Osbourne chatted to Skrufff this week about DJ mishaps and revealed that his own worst experience of being attacked by stray dogs, paled into insignificance alongside his Café Mambo collaborator Pete Gooding’s encounter with an Australian taxi driver in Sydney.

“Pete was on his way back to his mate’s house after a gig and was rather inebriated; he thought it would be a laugh to do a runner from the taxi and did so; hiding in gardens; running for his life etc.” Louis recounted. “Only to wake up the following morning to realise he'd left his records in the boot of the cab,” he laughed.

Pete confirmed the story, telling Skrufff ‘I was so pissed I thought it would be funny to copy the scene from the end of Ferris Beuler's Day Off when he is racing to get home running through people's gardens’, he explained.

“I thought I was so clever actually remember laughing to myself whilst doing it,” said Pete, “I then spent 10 days trying to recover my records but obviously didn’t get them back.”

Louis’ misadventure occurred at festival / resort type event near Izmir, Turkey and began when he went for a stroll on the day of the gig.

“I was walking along the beach by the hotel and got chased into the sea by three stray dogsd, ruining my Ipod which was in my pocket,” Louis recalled.

“Later on no-one turned up to the event, and the German promoter couldn't pay any of the DJs as he'd completely lost everything,” he continued, “He ended up getting punched by one of the DJs, then arrested by Turkish police for not paying the hotel for all the DJs’ rooms.”

Then when I got to Izmir airport on the way home I was told to go to the International terminal as I was flying to Munich, but my plane was connecting in Ankara which was leaving from the Domestic terminal.

There was no gate for my flight in the International terminal and I could see my plane boarding across the runway. I started to lose it with the airline staff who didn't speak English. They then realised what was happening and took my down a flight of stairs to the tarmac, flagged down a baggage truck, stuck me on one of the trailers among the bags and got the driver to run me across the plane holding area to my plane. It was a truly bizarre weekend, and one I wish to never repeat,” Louis added.

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