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Computer Blue & Antisocial Nuke Hoxton (October 27) ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 22, 2007

London alternative club promoters Fonteyn from Computer Blue and Buster from Antisocial chatted to Skrufff this week about their new apocalyptic themed venture Nuke Them All and said they’ve chosen a Hackney Road strip club to get away from Hoxton.

“Buster and I connected over the fact that we were both really tired about how conservative the whole of the Hoxton triangle has become; it’s almost impossible to put on a party any more because of the local council restrictions,” Fonteyn explained.

“It’s ridiculous, they say the area is saturated with nightlife, but the whole thing is dictated by either estate agents moving in and the city boys or people living here in penthouses, complaining about the noise pollution,” he added.

“That’s why we’ve moved out of Shoreditch, we’re really tired of all the restrictions. For somewhere supposedly bohemian and creative it’s really hard to have a decent party,” he complained.

The duo were chatting in Vice Magazine’s boozer the Old Blue Last in the heart of the triangle, well over a mile from the location of their new event which takes place in an active strip club at the East end of Hackney Road on October 27.

 “It’s a little more of a trek but people will be rewarded because it’s open until 5.30am and there’s a real anything goes policy,” Fonteyn continued, “We’ve even got a Glow-in-the-Dark Room; other clubs have a Dark Room; we have a glow in the dark room,” he laughed,

Buster, who co-ran uber-fashionable club kid weekly Antisocial at Bar Music Hall with his erstwhile Yr Mum, Yr Dad partner Scottee, was equally enthusiastic, promising musical (and sexual) experimentation, ‘zombie strippers’ (proper strippers, apparently) live music and a radically new approach generally.

“We both wanted to finish our respective nights when they were at their peak, personally I hate seeing really good clubs drowning and closing at the last minute, after they’ve been completely diluted to f**k. I’d rather see something go out with a bang,” he said,

“There’s no party like a funeral at the end of the day; which is a bit like Nuke Them All, We wanna’ nuke them all. It’s about the fact that you could die tomorrow, we wanna’ f**king nuke everything and start a clean slate and do something different. We’ve both killed our respective club nights totally and we don’t want to resurrect them, we want to blow everything up and do something different.”

Buster, one of the most extreme dressers on London’s uber-flamboyant scene of the last five years, said city types will be excluded from the club, though stressed dress codes will be otherwise as relaxed as his own approach to style.

“I’m not doing performance art any more because Yr Mum, Yr Dad split up a while ago but it’s not something I’m not going to do again,” said Buster.

“Sometimes I dress up, sometimes I don’t; I don’t feel pressured to do it. Some people go out and say they’re performance artists on Myspace and then they feel pressured to do it all the time. Sometimes I want to go out in a pair of shit jeans, and sometimes I want to wear a laundry bag- it’s up to me.”

Fonteyn also emphasised the experimental nature of the night, with DJs and performers being selected accordingly (to play on a sound system he stressed is top notch).

“We’re beyond genres. It’s alternative dance music at the end of the day and that kind of music attracts people who want to change things, take risks and move things forward,” he said.

“Nuke Them All’s not about getting rid of people either, everyone is welcome though they just have to keep up basically. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s more about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. For example, with the’80s revival; that’s been done to death, new rave’s been done to death, you’ve got to constantly evolve with where you get your inspiration from- there’s no point in milking something when you’re no longer inspired by it- it takes guts sometimes to kill something but it’s worth it,” said Fonteyn.

“We’re bored of f**king revivals,” Buster concurred. “Everyone was like ‘we’ve revived rave with new rave; what’s next? It’s going to be grunge’. Why do we have to follow a lineage like we’ve got some path we have to follow? Bollocks to it. Nuke Them All is going to be really experimental,” he promised.

Alex Sedano provides visuals, Joe & Will Ask play live, BO$$ & Frankmusik play an exclusive Meltdown set, Fonteyn plays a Death-Rayve set, Flawless Victory (Stuntcock) DJ,  the Fresh Flesh provide a ‘pornozombie’ show and The Thom does his live striptease too.

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