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Ibiza Facing Day-Time Clubbing Ban ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 22, 2007

Licensing authorities in Ibiza unveiled plans to outlaw after-hours and daytime clubbing on the island this week and vowed to introduce ‘zero tolerance’ policing use to deter drug using tourists.

"We are not prepared to let the island be identified with madness,” Consell Insular Elivissa said in a statement,“ The night should start and end when it really is the night, and the hours of the discos should adapt to human biorhythms. Those people who come here just to spend their days in the discos do not interest us’” they proclaimed (Daily Telegraph).

Earlier this season the council briefly shut Amnesia, Bora Bora and DC10 over drug allegations though the new statement means even Ibiza’s best known day time club Space could be under threat, if they apply the new rules next season.

The council’s war against 24/7 clubbers emerged weeks after Australian drug expert Paul Dillon identified a new breed of pleasure seeking traveller which dubbed ‘ ‘deviant tourists’.

“It would appear that there are now certain places around the world that people travel to with the express purpose of using illicit drugs. This has been branded “deviance” tourism and refers to a phenomenon in which travellers engage in behaviours that would be considered illicit, illegal or out-of-the-norm in their home country,” he told SSONET.COM.AU recently.

“One example of such tourism is travelling to such locales as Amsterdam to smoke cannabis; another would be a visit to the island of Ibiza for a holiday involving dancing and ecstasy use,” he added.

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