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Sinden- What’s So Bad About Funky House? ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 29, 2007

Uber-hot Baile funk/ hip hop/ drum &bass producer Sinden chatted to Skrufff this week about his upcoming trip to Brazil and revealed the secret of his massively eclectic productions are basslines.

“People are getting bored of hip hop and average dance music that gets served up; this music soaks up elements of hip hop but for the 130 bpm crowds accustomed to electronic music, but with an added rawness,” said Sinden.

“The basslines are what knit it all together - and you can't deny the impact of a good b line,” he added.

The massively talented star said he’s hoping to visit some of Rio’s notoriously tough favelas during the trip though insisted he remains equally enthusiastic about the 5 star accommodation he’s increasingly finding himself in.

“I'm not blasé about it at all, I've stayed in some real shit-holes so I always feel blessed to stay in 5 star places,” he stressed.

“I'm not about to become a diva bitching about shit, as long as the hotels have internet access and a stacked mini bar I'm good. Food round the clock is welcome. Small demands really.” He also said he usually enjoys hanging out with other DJs except for \residents that play my tunes before I play them- that fucks me off.”

I've had my fair share of shit shows, you get on with it though,” he added.

“The thing now is the kids that wave their mobile phones up with their requests on them. It’s mostly for a Sinden, Herve, Switch or Trevor Loveys production though, so its cool. And what's so bad about funky house?”

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