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Coke Mouth Matches Meth Mouth Rot ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 29, 2007

The Independent warned this week that rubbing cocaine on your gums can destroy teeth enamel and suggested recreational users of all drugs risk serious tooth decay.

“Some drugs, including Ecstasy, dry the mouth out. If there is a lack of saliva then the acid in the mouth isn't neutralised,” a British dental expert told the newspaper.

“Secondly, some drugs can make you crave sugary food – and the combination of sugar and no saliva to neutralise it is bad. Third, if you are taking a lot of recreational drugs, it could just be the case that you're not really in the mood to brush your teeth carefully twice a day,” he suggested.

The paper also warned of the dangers of ‘meth mouth’, a condition self confessed former meth user Oliver The Horrorist Chessler  told Skrufff he was fortunate to escape.

“Amazingly, I have no teeth problems. However, I know several people whose teeth were completely destroyed,” he said.

“I did meth for only about a year which is very lucky and according to what I've read meth itself doesn't corrode the tooth it's the grinding or lack of care over a number of days of being high that really does the damage. Even when I was in total party mode I knew to brush every twelve hours and I’d find myself doing a lot of jaw clenching but not much grinding (thank god). My jaw used to hurt for two weeks after a binge,” said Oliver.

“I did start having other negative physical effects from meth though,” he added.

“My stomach got so bad I couldn't eat a piece of bread without it becoming a burning fireball. My fingernails turned yellow, my vision was blurry all the time and of course I completely stopped sleeping. It took almost two years of sobriety for everything to become normal again. I’m glad my fingernails are clear again.”


The nowadays Berlin based New Yorker said he backs campaigns warning of teeth damage from meth, explaining ‘I honestly don't think it matters if it's exaggerated or not because ask anyone who's been addicted and they will tell you it was a horrible experience.


A shock and awe campaign against meth is a good thing. Yes it feels great and it’s massive but it's a selfish drug to do; a search for self pleasure that eventually leads to self destruction. Sending out a whacked out visual message of people's disgusting meth-ed faces will make it so less people have to learn the lesson the hard way,” he predicted. (The Horrorist’s new single 13 Dobermans (featuring remixes from Die Krupps, The Advent, Felix Krotcher, Gabriel Palomo) is out shortly.



Meth Teeth Links: (VERY scary picture!!!) (more scary stuff) (‘There are several ways of identifying a meth user. Listed below is a generalized list of symptoms of a meth user, keep in mind that just because a person is experiencing the symptoms listed below does not automatically mean that they are using meth . . .’)


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