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Armin Van Buuren Top’s DJ Mag’s Top 100 ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 29, 2007

Dutch trance star Armin Buuren won this year’s DJ magazine top 100 poll for the first time this year, beating the usual suspect selection of predominantly trance jocks that traditionally dominate the poll.

The former law student (who graduated from Leiden University in 2003) remains one of dance culture’s most highly educated top end players and was scathing about the general standard of many of his peers in an interview last year.

“Some (DJs) focus on the bullshit in the dance music industry and should really just focus on the music and focus on mixing in key,” he grumbled to One Week To Live, “You know, some of my colleagues do not give a damn about mixing in keys and bpms and I think that’s absolutely repulsive,” he added.

Two years earlier, he was less cynical, in an interview about his superstar DJ lifestyle with Singapore website

“Women throwing underwear at me, flashing themselves. All these things have happened, and more,” said Armin, “Being a DJ is the best job in the world, the best life you can imagine.”

Skrufff contacted regular poll jock Danny Howells to ask how he felt about dropping out of the 100 and when he’d be returning to the psychiatric home and were swiftly corrected by the former psychiatric nurse.

“Take a closer look, I went up six places,’ said Danny, “Therefore I feel 0.6 times more popular than I did previously! I'm happy with the result. Though I don't believe I should be above legends like Garnier and Mills,” he added.

Tiesto came second.