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Metal On Metal’s Fighting Talk ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 29, 2007

Hotly tipped rocking-tech types Metal On Metal chatted to Skrufff this week and stressed that their violently energetic music and language (parties are called ‘riots’, the new single is ‘No Front Teeth’) doesn’t mean they have any personal predilection for rough stuff

“We only fight for our right to party and we always win,” the Lithuanian trio declared, “Though we believe people should be violent towards their own prejudices, and about their too comfortable attitudes to life,” they insisted.

Adding fuel to the ultra-violent subtext, the band were chatting in Vilnius club the Milk Bar(named after Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange) where they were busy filming a video for No Front Teeth, though insisted Lithuania is generally safe.

“It's all fine in our capital Vilnius, unless you try to piss on a BMW with five shaved heads inside,” they warned, “Elsewhere in Lithuania it depends where you are. The mainstream here is still terrified by any and all different looks and styles, whether that’s punk, gay, emo, rave, whatever. The nouveau riche will politely suggest you never stare at their girlfriends, and indie kids get pimples just from seeing you with a D&G T-shirt,” they laughed.

They also offered tips on romancing the country’s notoriously beautiful womenfolk, many of whom are keen music fans, they suggested.

“Of course Lithuanian girls are the best, bar none. And of, course they want to party, and hear how beautiful and "not-fat-at-all" they are,” MOM advised, “And they also like presents but isn’t it like that everywhere?  Though if you can't provide these things, you’ve still got a chance with lots of ladies by owning an American Express card, or, ahem, if you are blessed to be a bloody DJ.”

The Skint signed band revealed their musical influences include DJ Harvey, Map of Africa, Panda Bear and LCD Soundsystem as well as an earlier ‘Sepultura, Slayer, Metallica phase’.

“We’re actually even bigger fans of heavy metal T-shirts and visuals than the music, The corna sign, which means devil's horns, is our favourite sign ever. You can scare away any dork with it,” they said.

We want our tunes to bang, to nuke, to yeah-yeah-yeah. "Face-melting" is another good term, they added, “"Jump off the skyscraper and scream your last scream".

Metal on Metal’s (fantastic) remix of Blood Red Shoes’s single I Wish I Was Someone Better is out shortly. (Metal On Metal)


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