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Black Dog Welcome American Apocalypse ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 29, 2007

UK electronic/ techno pioneers Black Dog chatted to Skrufff this week about the upcoming re-issue of their early 90s classic Transparent Temple Balls and new single Flood and revealed that they’re supremely unconcerned about the dangers posed by global warming.

“Hand on heart, I don't care if New York or Miami are swamped,” said Black Dog founder member Ken Downie, “And if it could take California with it, I would be over the moon (DELIGHTED),” he laughed.

“There’s way too much bullshit comes out of America and I'm so very f**king bored with its politicians, it's pseudo-scientific epidemiological Nazism, and its puritanical suppression of the free trade in medicinal herbs. Criminal cartels and terrorist organisations have thrived because of their bullshit.”

“I'd be sorry for the loss of life, obviously,” he conceded, “But if it means I can grow what I want in my own garden- and their un-democratic prohibitions become unenforceable, then bring it on. Anarchists (along with fat people, smoking people, and drinking people) are waiting to inherit and live in the ruins of capitalism.  It won't be pretty, but it might be more free. Capitalism's greed and excess has f**ked the planet.  So I hope you understand why I would have little sympathy. It's not that I’m uncaring, or inhuman. Honest,” said Ken.

Ken’s comments struck an unlikely chord with leading US evangelist Marsha West who this week branded California ‘Sodomfornia’ before launching a wider attack against metrosexuals (‘like male vanity products and herpes, they’re pretty much everywhere’, she warned).

“Clean and neat is good. Body odour is bad. And no one wants to see dirty fingernails, or worse yet hair jutting out of someone’s nose or ears,” she agreed, “However, I’d be mortified if my husband painted his nails and donned a sarong. As a girlie girl I want a manly man by my side,” she stormed.

In more US cosmetic news, a new study asked 60,000 people to rate US cities with the most beautiful people and ranked Miami and San Diego the top, with Philadelphia at the bottom.

“Are you fat, ugly, lazy, unstylish, unworldly and unfriendly?” the Metro newspaper, “If the answer is yes then move to Philadelphia you'll feel right at home, according to a poll of Americans. “

Philadelphia just beat Washington DC and Dallas as America’s ugliest city, the paper added.

Black Dog: Temple Of Transparent Balls is out shortly on Soma Records as is Flood. (‘Is San Diego's Gay Community Experiencing God's Judgment - Violence, Disease & Death Overwhelming Local Gay Community . . .’)

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