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America’s DEA Promote’Pot-02’ ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 29, 2007

US civil liberties champion Paul Armentano this week ridiculed DEA claims that today’s marijuana is double strength ‘Pot 2.0’ and accused them of forcing growers to improve potencies directly because of Prohibition.

“Let's review, shall we? Our federal government wants Americans to get off the pot. So they spend billions of dollars outlawing the plant and driving its producers underground where breeders clandestinely develop stronger and more sophisticated herbal strains than ever existed prior to prohibition,” Mr Armentano suggested (in an article posted on Alternet).

“The Feds then go out and inadvertently give America's pot farmers billions of dollars in free advertising by telling the world that their weed is more potent than anything Allen Ginsberg, Tommy Chong or Jerry Garcia ever smoked in their heyday.”

Meanwhile in Canada, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the introduction of new US style anti-harm reduction policies and blamed liberal policies of the last 30 years for ‘romanticizing’ drug culture or ‘making it cool’.

"As a father I don't say all these things blamelessly,” he added, “My son is listening to my Beatles records and asking me what all these lyrics mean. It's just there; it's out there. I love these records and I'm not putting them away. But, that said, there's been a culture that has not fought drug use and that's what we're all up against,” he added (

In more international drug news, an 30 year old British man was beginning what’s certain to be at least 4 years in a United Arab Emirates jail this week, after being caught by Dubai customs officials with 1.12 grams of pot (much less than a 1/16th). The unlucky father of three hadn’t even planned to step foot in the notoriously strict Middle Eastern Gulf state though was caught after his London bound flight made an unscheduled stop after developing technical problems, Gulf News Daily reported.

"I took him to the search room and found the drugs hidden in a transparent nylon sack in the left shoe. He confessed that its marijuana when I confronted him with the findings,” a Dubai customs official told Gulf News Daily,

"I know I am guilty but I am sorry,” ‘M.S’ reportedly confessed, “I didn't intend to bring the drugs into Dubai but I was taking them with me to London," he claimed.

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