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Christopher Lawrence cleared by DJ Magazine in Top 100 poll

Reported by Ed Real on October 31, 2007

Christopher Lawrence cleared by DJ Magazine in Top 100 poll

Christopher Lawrence and his team are pleased to announce that Christopher has been cleared of any wrongdoing in relation to the Top 100 poll.

Following the discovery of voting anomalies in this years poll, DJ Mag conducted an in depth investigation, which ultimately cleared Christopher of any involvement.

Publisher James Robertson says "DJ Mag has been in lengthy discussions with Christopher Lawrence following our discovery of voting irregularities" he stated. "We fully accept his explanation that he, personally, had no involvement in any cheating".

In an interview with Skrufff, Christopher Lawrence explained "Apparently there were multiple votes from single IP addresses. DJ Mag felt it was suspicious and contacted my team to see if we knew anything about it," he continued, "We didn't, so we arranged for the marketing manager who was handling my Top 100 campaign to speak to them. He explained that he promotes the vote to street teams of 100,000- 150,000 people, mainly students".

"My team hired him because he had done campaigns like People's Choice Awards in the US as well as work for major record labels and movie studios. He said he had never had problems before, but clearly DJ Mag had a problem with his methods and the multiple votes were irregular, so we had to ask him to step aside," he continued.

"My wife was worried and considered signing me up with a wedding DJ agency, but fortunately there has been no impact whatsoever. No cancelled bookings. Nothing. So I guess I can put my Kool & the Gang records away. No weddings any time soon," Christopher joked.

Members of the dance industry spoke out in support. BBC Radio 1's Judge Jules said "Christopher has long been one of the biggest DJ's in the US, who in more recent years found just how well his sound worked over in Europe. I've played with him loads and he's never failed to generate a brilliant reaction".

Dave Lee, Gatecrasher Brand Director says "Chris has been a great artist for many years, and performed well for Gatecrasher in 2007. His 'Live in Moscow' album was at the top of MOS non TV album seller list in 2007".

"The fans have also been great" said Christopher. "I was on tour in China over the weekend and the shows were the best I have ever done in that market. I think most people are able to put it into perspective."

And as for other DJ's reactions, "I think most DJs are probably relieved that it wasn't them," he laughed.

DJ Mag publisher James Robertson says "DJmag has always believed, regardless of 2007's anomalies, that Christopher is an excellent DJ who stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the world's best. We look forward to him resuming his rightful place amongst the leading performers in the Top 100 DJs 2008 poll."

In conclusion, Christopher said "Any DJ can be #1 on any given night.
The Top 100 is only a poll and what really matters is what happens on the dance floor. At the end of the night when the lights come on and the music fades, you know who your favorite DJ is, and that's all that really matters".