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Jonty Skrufff’s ‘Alter Ego Batter-Justice-Techno-Punk’ Remix ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on November 1, 2007

Jonty Skrufff has remixed Lithuanian upcoming producer Andy Lau’s new single Keep It Cool, twisting the tech-house original into a high-energy rocking- electro-tech genre he’s dubbed ' Alter-Ego-meet-Justice-in-an-alley-and-beat-them-to-death-techno-punk'.

The remix has gained the immediate support of Ed Banger supremo/ Justice/ Daft Punk manager Pedro Winter (‘sounds loud-I'll play it for sure!’) and Alex Boys Noise (‘I like it, I try to play it,’) as well a whole host of other alternative tastemaker types including Larry Tee, Princess Superstar and Pet Shop Boy Chris Lowe (‘sounds great; I'm sure it's going down a storm.’)

“I approached the remix from first principles, ie setting out to make a track that works on the dance floors that I play on; whether that’s Tresor, Trailer Trash or Sao Paulo tranny club A Loca and it’s worked wonderfully on those so far,” said Jonty.

“I’m not making tracks for everybody or for every club but for myself and my own DJ sets and it’s extremely encouraging that characters like Pedro as well as Ade Fenton, Wehbba and Chris Finke get it too,” he continued, “Though the best reaction so far has been in Vilnius where its producer Andy Lau stood next to me in the booth cheering the first time I played it out.”

Jonty worked with London studio genius LoFi Rebel on the remix (after meeting at Ministry Of Sound Radio’s studios where LoFi produces the weekly Skrufff radio show) and is looking to do more productions with both LoFi and Andy in the near future.

“Andy’s a super-talented producer with over 100 highly eclectic tracks to his name and LoFi Rebel is equally on the case and an expert with synthesizers, plug-ins; the lot,” he said, “Plus we all like heavy, dirty bass-lines, ridiculously harsh breakdowns and thumping take-no-prisoner beats. More is more,” he added.

Andy Lau- Keep It Cool: Jonty Skrufff & LoFi Rebel ‘Promise’ Remix is out shortly on Lithuanian label Pro-duce Records. (Listen to the remix here)

DJ endorsements in full:

“Sounds loud! I like it. I'll play it for sure. I like the TB303 vibe.”

Pedro Winter (Ed Banger Records/ manager of Daft Punk/ Justice)


'Yo Jonty; I like it. I try to play it.*

Alex Boys Noize


"Definitely some very noisy stuff, with some SID chip sounds and TB'ish' synths and basslines that screams electro-techno to me, which i love, and it sounds very good.You're right about the beat them to death part, heheheh. It will fit right into my electro mixes for sure, since it's so hypnotic in some kinda' way."

Wehbba, Brazil.


“Hey, Jonty, listening to your track - love it!”

Metal On Metal


“Fucking hell, that's some breakdown. Cracking tune. Sounds excellent.”

Ade Fenton


“Wow, I am really impressed- it's fantastic!”

Princess Superstar.


“I have listened to the trak and after hearing both your dj mix that you sent me and your girlfriend’s I can see that this electronic thumper will definitely fit in with what your playing.

It has the Jonty electro-nation stamped all over it, with nice elements of the german glitch, and a nice kill your mother and father bassline that would test any club’s speaker wall. I’m sure it will go rite off when you play it. Top man top trak.”

DJ Fergie


"Massive and epic track for tripped out dancefloor fun! It features a simple voice and a twisted melody that winds itself into you brain like a rusty screw...Madness !!!"

Scan X:


“Tune sounds well technoid with the kick-drum at first, then almost goes old skool electro - which I like. Whooshing is good. it's quite stark and stripped-down in some ways, sounds good on a computer. You don't wanna meddle with it too much though, the old skool Klone/ Germanic vibe works well.”

Carl Loben, Music Editor, DJ Magazine


"Just checked it out. I have to say I really like it and I would definitely play it, so you are on the right track for sure. i think you have pretty much nailed it spot-on.”

Chris Finke:


It has "that sound" meaning I see it coming from you... I can see blue fur wearing people dancing to it, gays, etc... that’s great. It’s a cool ass track.”

Oliver 'The Horrorist' Chessler:


I listened to your remix which sounds great: Good luck with it I'm sure it's going down a storm.”

Chris Lowe, Pet Shop Boys


“I think what's there is ten out of ten.”

Judge Jules:

Andy Lau- Keep It Cool: Jonty Skrufff & LoFi Rebel ‘Promise’ Remix is out shortly on Lithuanian label Produce Records . (Listen to the remix here)

Jonty Skrufff (