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Canadian Mayor Mocks ‘Moronic’ US Drug Czar ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on November 16, 2007

Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell launched an uncompromising attack against marijuana prohibition this week and directly accused US politicians of preventing Canada from legalizing pot.

The highly respected former drugs cop also ridiculed decriminalization as simply helping drugs gangs, claimed a planned crackdown by new Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper will simply boost the prison industry and called for tobacco-style education policies to reduce consumption.

“The idea that marijuana is virtually any of the things that the drug warriors in the United States say is ludicrous. They're much like the Conservative government -- they don't believe in scientific fact,” Mayor Campbell told the Province newspaper.

"It's all ideology -- if they're wrong on this, then what else are they wrong on? They won't even allow hemp. That's how stupid these people are -- and they are stupid. I describe [White House drug czar John] Walters as a moron, and he is truly a moron,” he said.

The article coincided with a feature in the UK Sunday Times about middle class drug taking mothers in which an anonymous writer chatted candidly about chopping out lines of cocaine with ‘city bankers, lawyers, housewives, entrepreneurs and professional urbanites’ while their young children slept upstairs.

“For my group of thirty-something middle-class mums, hard drugs always have been, and probably always will be, a part of life,” she declared.

“Our group is not on the fringe of society. We’re an entire demographic. Ours is the generation that went raving every single weekend in the 1990s. It didn’t stop us from getting good degrees and jobs,” she added.

Meanwhile in Birmingham, West Midlands Police tested pubs around Castle Vale, Sutton Coldfield, Erdington, Great Barr and Kingstanding for cocaine use recently and announced this week that 70 out of 71 tested positive with ‘high levels of cocaine residue’ found on flat surfaces in the toilets.

 “Cocaine is being used as a recreational drug,” PC Steve Wood told Castle Vale newspaper the Vale Mail, “Unlike heroine users, many cocaine users have little or no contact with police for other offences. But we want to get across the message that using cocaine is illegal, and often induces violent and antisocial behaviour” he added.

‘The West Midlands has the second lowest levels of illegal drug usage in the country,’ the Vale Mail added. ('Legalize it, control it and tax the livin' hell out of it . . .’) (‘Confessions of a party mum: Middle-class drug-taking doesn’t stop with parenthood – in fact, among my friends it’s rife . . .’)

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