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Sweet Pussy Pauline Meets Her Match

Reported by Tristan Ingram on November 22, 2007

US bitch rap icon Candice Jorda (aka Candy J aka Sweet Pussy Pauline) revealed this week that she’s been able to pay off her mortgage from dance producers sampling her gay sex classic ‘Hateful Head Helen’ though revealed not everyone always paid up.

“The 2 Live Crew had sampled me and I called them. I was trying to be very ladylike and I said I was looking through my records and my contracts and I didn't see an agreement that came up with you sampling me music,” she told US dance portal

“So he says so 'what are you saying, are you going to sue me?' I said 'well yes, I am.' He say 'well stand in line bitch,' and hung up,” she laughed.

The Miami bass legends themselves became infamous in the late 80s via similarly sexually explicit (brilliant) dance tracks including ‘We Want Some Pussy’ and ‘Me So Horny’ though really took off when notorious local Miami cop Sheriff Nick Navarro took them on in 1989.

Sheriff Navarro was previously renowned for ‘unorthodox steps as putting prisoners in tents to ease overcrowded jails and manufacturing crack at police headquarters for undercover sales to suspected dealers’ according tothe New York Times though became far more famous when he tried to criminalise 2 Live Crew’s records as ‘obscene’.

Skrufff biblical scholar/ clean living guru Jorge Jaramillo (then a young wannabe DJ growing up in Miami) admitted he failed to appreciate 2 Live Crew’s explicit humour though was even less impressed with Sheriff Navarro.

“2 Live Crew where starving artists that couldn’t sell a record if their life depended on it,” said Jorge.

“Their lyrics where filthy and vulgar, yet they became mega platinum selling superstars that poisoned mine and my friends minds along with millions of other listeners thanks to the help of Sheriff Navarro in Hollywood Florida,” he complained.

“He, Navarro made such a big stink about keeping them out of ‘his’ city and arrested them at a concert in Hollywood Florida creating tons of press and publicity that made 2 live Crew a house-hold name, millionaires and helped spread their filthy message from sea to shining sea. Sheriff Navarro made a mountain out of a mole-hill,” he said.

Jorge Jaramillo ft Shawnee Taylor - Save Me (Nino Anthony/Robotixx/disKo

loKo Remixes) is out soon on Lectro Chick Records. (2 Live Crew: We Want Some Pussy, video: warning offensive bikinis!!!) (‘Buy your chick a shirt’: Jorge’s Merchandise)