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Skrufff Bites 1 & 2 / Skrufff Top 5 ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on November 27, 2007

: Skrufff Bites (1)


Don’t I Look Like A Slut? Immaterial Girl: Brunettes Have More Fun: Meat Really Is Murder: Metro-Phobia

“Thank you everyone who ever made music for us, made us outfits, danced for us, put us up, fed us, flew us out, had us play their shows, dj-ed our songs, danced to our songs, made artwork for us, bought our cds, and everything else! We would be nothing without our friends!!!” (Press release)

One time Boy George protégés Avenue D (of Do I Look Like A Slut?) announce they’re splitting up.


“I don’t ask a plumber what he earns. Why should they know about me?” (Metro)

Madonna complains about fans focusing on her wealth instead of her music.


“I hope I’ve inspired some people to embrace glamour and to see a different kind of sensuality. I’m the opposite of the tanned blonde bikini babe.” (Metro)

Burlesque icon Dita Von Teese considers her legacy.


"He finds the idea of factory farming as distasteful as his crime was. He now sticks to vegetarian dishes." (Daily Telegraph)

An unnamed prisoner at German high security jail Kessel reveals that cannibal killer Armin Meiwes has not only been voted leader of the prison’s Green Party environmental group but has also given up meat.


“Long enough to reach over shoulders so a fella can "remove unwanted back hair in the privacy of his own home or while traveling," the Mangroomer is THE metrosexual hot ticket this Christmas. Articulated combat boot for kicking self in the rear end for buying Mangroomer sold separately.”

Pittsburgh Tribune Review retrosexual Mike Seate worries about ‘oddball’ metrosexuals.

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: Skrufff Bites (2)


DJ Xmas Tips: Back In the Day- Part 1: Back In The Day- Part 2: Boob Job: Musical Youth: Safety First

“DJs take themselves so seriously. Play music that people love for honest reasons and your party will swing.” (Sunday Times)

London club/ style journo Paul Flynn describes his fantasy Xmas party DJ.


“Back then I always thought that the US was gonna’ be way ahead of the UK when it came to dance music, but in the US it just completely died; it's just not there no more!” (Ilford Recorder)

Todd Terry worries about the state of US club culture.


“It seemed like after the 70s there was a disco backlash and no one in the rest of the world wanted to know about dance music, but dance music here was still thriving. The DJs would be playing hip-hop and freestyle and dancehall reggae and house music and weird electronic music. It was just an open, amazing time. I feel really, really grateful to have come of age musically during that time.” (Press release)

Moby’s new album press release claims his ‘heavy involvement in the New York club scene since the mid-80s’, makes him ‘well placed to conjure the atmosphere of degenerate excess’.


"We're learning that media affects a lot of different health behaviors. Tobacco in movies, for example, is now known to lead to smoking. We started realizing adolescents are exposed to two and a half hours a day of music. What's in the music?"

Dr. Brian Primack from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine comments on a new study revealing that 1 in 3 Billboard chart hits in 2005 contained positive drug references


“Don’t go straight for the boobs! That’s for teen boys and men who take their wives for granted.” (The Times)

The Times’ top ‘seduction tip for grown-up boys’


Professor Pete Borriello, director of the HPA's Centre for Infections, said:

"We have to get the message across that a casual shag should not mean syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia or any other STI (sexually transmitted infection). We need to change attitudes towards condom use. It should be clunk clip every trip." (BBC)

Sexual health expert Professor Pete Borriello from Britain’s Health Protection Agency comments on the escalating infection rates for HIV and STIs.

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Skrufff Top 5:

1: Justice: Phantom (Soulwax remix)

(Ed Banger)

Remixers supreme Soulwax do it again, dropping another fantastic high energy rocking monster of a mix, on a par with last year’s equally stupendous Robbie Williams and Gossip remakes. BIG.

2: Popof: Alcoolic


First appearing on Skrufff’s favourite French label Level 75, French producer Popov jumps ship to UK house heads CR2, dropping a stripped down maximal minimum anthem dripping with that certain je ne sais pas.

Reportedly a DC10 anthem throughout the summer (and a favourite of Ricardo Villalobos), Alcoolic is energetic and engaging enough to cross all sorts of genre barriers.

3: Pet Shop Boys: Disco Four (Remixed By the Pet Shop Boys)


Pop/ electronic icons the Pet Shop Boys demonstrate their continuing hands on approach to clubbing, compiling 8 of their recent (ish) remixes for their latest dance compilation. Lush melancholic chords, pumping grooves and haunting synths dominate proceedings, notably on stand out tracks like Yoko Ono’s classic Walking On The Ice and Atomizer’s seminal electroclash anthem Hooked On Radiation,

4: Moguai & Tocadisco: Freak


German house producers Moguai and Tocadisco rework the classic breaks anthem, dropping two accessible dance floor rockers, each of which works fairly well.

Tocadisco’s is the best, principally because of it’s Quentin Tarentino style breakdown, which begins ‘Oi, f**k you, f**k you, and f**k you too; You wanna know why? Because you’re just a bunch of f**king freaks, man.’ Dirty.

5: Kap10Kurt - Dangerseekers (Rolf Honey Remix (Rolf Z and Yuksek))

(Plant Music)

Though the original Xtoded version starts with a killer siren, Rolf & Yuksek steal the show, keeping the euphoric breakdown and 80s italo elements but building the rest of he track in a decidedly dirtier direction. (To hear these tunes, tune into the Skrufff Show on Ministry Of Sound Radio, every Sunday from 20.00-22.00 GMT)

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