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Adam Freeland’s End Time Prophecy ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on November 30, 2007


Rocking/ breaks don Adam Freeland chatted to Skrufff this week about his new angrily titled release the Hate EP and revealed that he’s more than alarmed about the state of the global nation.


“The whole global economy is f**ked, shit’s gonna’ happen,” Adam predicted, “It’s an interesting time, I think a lot is gonna’ happen in the next five to ten years. I can’t see economies picking up- the way everything is set up at the moment isn’t really sustainable.”


The one time Brighton based Marine Parade chief was chatting from his woodland retreat in Silverlake, Los Angeles where he recently moved after living in Bali, Australia and Ibiza in recent years, though suggested even his globe-trotting days could soon be numbered.


“I think flying around the world on cheap flights is a false economy that’s not going to last very long. As the fuel crisis cranks up it’ll happen quickly,” he said.


“It feels to me like we’re living in a golden era and it’s a great moment to be alive,” Adam added, “We’re the ones that are enjoying thousands of years of hard work that’s gone into setting up this infrastructure but it’s now got to that point where it’s not sustainable.”


Adam also pointedly refused to discuss his much anticipated new artist album though refused to deny his great LA mate Tommy Lee from Motley Crue is playing on it (‘no comment’ he said.)


The Hate EP is out now on Marine Parade.