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Disco DJ Snitches On Kate Moss ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on December 3, 2007


Manchester DJ turned London pop quiz-master Elliot Eastwick attracted international attention this week after telling the Daily Mirror he was ‘stunned’ to be asked for drugs by Kate Moss when he DJed at a party she was attending.


"It was obvious she was on drugs. I've seen enough drugged-up people to know,” Eastwick told the tabloid, “She seemed leathered already - sweaty, fidgety, and desperate to dance. She kept saying. 'Make me rave, make me rave', and demanding I change the music."


The 33 year old ‘Dad of two’ (Mirror) claimed Moss sniffed poppers and begged him for cocaine though received short shrift in the Guardian.


“With a very solemn facial expression, head cocked ever so gently to one side, such is the weight of his worry, DJ Elliot Eastwick shares his horror with the tabloid that last weekend, while working the decks at a birthday party for a former Hollyoakes 'actress', a model asked him where she might be able to find some drugs,” sniffed Guardian fashion/ show biz reporter Hayley Freeman, “Seriously, I broke my coccyx with shock about that one, myself.”


“A supermodel taking drugs isn't a massive surprise to anyone, less so when a supermodel takes drugs at a rave - but a supermodel's rave-based drug-taking

behaviour shocking a DJ? That hardly sounds right at all,” Celeb blogger agreed, “If any of this is true - and at the moment the only evidence around is the word of a DJ we've never heard of - then Kate Moss should really know better.”


Eastwick himself seemed wholly unconcerned by the fuss, judging by his Myspace page which was set to ‘Private’ and adorned with a picture of the DJ sticking two fingers up to anyone visiting.


The ‘scandal’ broke a week after the Sunday Times complained about the sorry state of VIP clubbing in London suggesting the scene is ‘as sick as a dog’ (and dancing) to a soundtrack of dreadful R&B’,


“Truth is, a fickle cocaine, champagne, gold-digger culture is now endemic,” the Sunday Times declared.


“The cash fixation of West End clubs has led to a tawdry and dull mix of people and, in some cases, encouraged the very worst sort into supposedly exclusive locations.” (Elliot Eastwick’s Myspace) Moss Might Have Taken Some More Drugs: Some Bloke . . .’)


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