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Skrufff Bites 1 & 2 + Skrufff Top 5 (30th November)

Reported by Tristan Ingram on December 3, 2007

: Skrufff Bites (1)


Vinyl- RIP (again): Fighting Talk: I’ll Get My Coat: Food, Glorious Food: Silver Linings:


“After ten years of releasing only on vinyl it unfortunately became clear that the future of music lays in the digital domain so Dark House Music is now officially a purely digital music label.  On a positive note, this virtual format leaves much more room for experimentation and risk taking.” (Press release)


Underground techno label Dark House throw in the vinyl towel.



"If there was an Abba concert full of people fighting, then I'd be taking action against that. If the music attracts a gang, drug and gun-related culture, then we're duty-bound to make sure events happen as safely as possible (Guardian)


Sheffield Police Inspector Neil Mutch warns that the only night-life gun crime Sheffield has experienced in recent years has been at grime/ 2 step/ garage replacement genre bassline nights.




“Gone are the days of lost cloakroom tickets, stolen property, fraudulent receipts and the associated ongoing costs to venues. It takes only one second for Cloakscan to scan the customer's fingerprint, capture a video image and issue an optional VAT receipt." (Press release)


IDScan chief Tamlyn Thompson unveils their new biometric finger-printing service for coat checks in clubs:




“Outsource food. Invite a burger van to sit outside your house for the night.” (Sunday Times)


Sunday Times style expert Gemma Soames offers key catering tips for party hosts planning a ‘Posh Rave’.




“Secretly the neighbours love having the family in the square. The 24 hour protection means that crime has gone down.” (Standard)


An unnamed neighbour of Paul Oakenfold and Tony Blair says Connaught Square residents don’t resent TB quite as much as expected.



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: Skrufff Bites (2)


London’s Burning: No Rave: Party Poopers: Money For Nothing: More Car Trouble


“London – the crowds are less willing to enjoy themselves and expect quite cutting-edge stuff. There’s so much choice in the capital that it’s not as special as if you do Dundee and DJ to people who maybe don’t get out very often.” (Metro)


Northern Irish Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac brands London clubbers the ‘worst crowds’ she has to play to.




"We've been listening to a lot of European prog music and dubstep and dance and folk. A huge broad variety of things really. There's one track we've been playing in soundcheck, it's this massive prog opus." (NME)


New rave champions The  Klaxons talk about new musical directions for their upcoming second album.





“People are un unreliable commodity. If 400 people have said yes to a party invite, you can only expect 200 to turn up.” (Sunday Times)


A party planner says flaking out for British parties is increasingly common.




"They could fight a war with all those billions. They could build a university. It looks to me like they just count it. Some of them build yachts so big that they block the sun from the port in France I sail from." (Record Collector)


Super-rich The Who guitarist Pete Townsend complains about the wealth of today’s even richer internet elites.




“Mr Wong is a sex offender, that is what he is.”


US prosecutor Kimberly Goddard sentences Sandy Wong to 90 days in jail after the car sex fanatic was caught making love to the roofs of classic cars displayed at the Home and Garden Show, in Edmonton, Alberta.


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Skrufff Top 5 (338): November 30:


1: Make Model: The Was (Dead Souls remix)



Man of the moment Herve slips into Dead Souls guise (with partner Seba) dropping a fantastically cheeky rocked out remix of indie newcomers Make Model that teases with a cheesy ear-bending intro before descending into Soulwax style sonic madness. Seriously rocking.



2: Tocadisco featuring Chelonis Jones: Shrine (Crookers mix)

(Great Stuff)


Cologne electro-house crossover king Tocadisco meets uber-cool Italian electro-baile-funk duo Crookers on this enticing, energetic club cut which should appeal to fans of both producers. Audiofly and Extrawelt take it further though it’s the Crookers version that rocks out the most. Groovy.





3:  Matik: Dance It Off

(Black Label/ Matik Records)


Dutch five piece Matik prepare to step into the Pink Grease/ Digitalism breach with their soon to be released fantastic single Dance It Off, a high energy electro-punk pop workout that first surfaced in May this year before being snapped up for a Heineken campaign.


Electro wizard Arthur Baker shows he’s still the boss, effortlessly stomping all over remix efforts by Laidback Luke, Dean Coleman/Andreas Bergmann, with a take no prisoners electro (clash?) touch.



4: Sharam Jey: Message To Love (DJ Kaos mix)

(King Kong Records)


Erstwhile house maestro Sharam Jey continues his journey into electro, recruiting new breaks star Alec Metric, disco duo the Glimmers and most impressively DJ Kaos to rework his new single Message To Love. Accessible and effective.



5: Dusty Kid: Luna



He who-can-do-no-wrong young Italian uber producer Dusty Kid does something wrong, ditching his usual hard-as-f**k killer techno groove in favour of warm, melodic tranced out beats. 


Rabid fans (including us) will be alarmed but his obvious talent and versatility means prog house fans will doubtless join his growing army of supporters (and his manager says another killer techno track is just around  the corner). Come back Paulo, all is forgiven.


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