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Too Many Parents :

Reported by Tristan Ingram on December 14, 2007

2 Many DJs/ Soulwax brothers Dave and Steph Dewaele chatted to Mixmag this week about growing up as the sons of famous Luxembourg Radio DJ Zaki and revealed both their parents had helped them musically since the start.

“Our mum has amazing taste in music and I remember her bringing us back a twelve inch remix of (Tom Tom Club’s) wordy Rappinghood,” said Dave, “I remember our whole family listening to it together and saying ‘yeah, this is pretty good’.”

The duo’s parental guidance matched that of Daft Punk duo, according to Soma Records chief Richard Brown, who recalled meeting them in the mid 90s at the house of Thomas Bangalter’s father who in the 70s wrote Ottowan’s D.I.S.C.O and the Gibson Brother’s Cuba.

"They were brilliant guys - very, very sussed,” Brown told Mixmag (in 1997), “Thomas's dad is a really intelligent man, and I think he definitely advised them along the way,” he suggested.

German uber-DJ Sven Vath also received a leg up from his parents, he told Skrufff in an interview several years ago, courtesy of their 70s disco pub just outside Frankfurt.

“I started in my parents’ club,” said Sven, “My mum asked me if I wanted to become a DJ when I was 17 years old and I ended up playing there five days a week.”

Less supportive of their son’s artistic ambitions were the parents of Cabaret Voltaire icon Richard H Kirk, who recalled having to dodge ultra-violent football hooligans as a teenager ressing flamboyantly on the mean streets of 70s England.

“I remember getting punched right in the face once outside a nightclub by some people from Rotherham. They asked me to name the Rotherham United football team and I couldn’t and it was like boom, but one of my mates got the guy that got me,” Richard recalled, “Then I had to go home and tell my parents I’d walked into a door otherwise they might not have let me out again,” he chuckled.

Berlin experimentalist Peaches received more positive support, she told Skrufff around the time of her Fatherf**ker album, with her parents reacting with her parents remaining ‘still married and in love and everything.’

“They came to see me play when I opened in Toronto and my Mother said 'You have an energy'. She's an intelligent woman and knows what's going on. My Father's always been proud that I'm doing what I want to do,” she said.

“Though I haven't heard my mother say 'fuck the pain away or anything like that. She can't do it yet,” she added. (Peaches ‘F**K The Pain Away) (Daft Punk back in the day)

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