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New Rave, ‘New Electro/ Rock N Rave’ ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on December 14, 2007

Trendspotter style bible the Sunday Times reported that dance music is ‘blossoming again’ this week, citing “minimal/ tech house”, dubstep and “electro/ rock ‘n’ rave” as 2008’s next big thing ‘new scenes’.

“(’Electro/ rock ‘n’ rave’ is) a musical mash-up that’s also about people, noise and pure ironic novelty,” the British newspaper declared, ”It combines the boozy, instant rock ‘n’ roll energy of the Ramones with the euphoria of raving. Amazing nobody thought of it before.”

Just 14 months ago the Times was similarly enthusiastic about new rave, declaring “Rave New World- A bunch of crazy kids in crazy outfits is shaking up the zeitgeist,” though by February they’d changed their mind, admitting ‘new rave music. Dare we say it? Yes we do. It’s rubbish”.

Whether Electro/ Rock N Rave’ catches on (and crashes and burns) as quickly as ‘nu rave’ did remains to be seen though proto new rave Klaxons producer James Ford looks unlikely to be involved, judging by comments he made in the Independent.

“I’d like to make an ambient or strings led album,” the Simian Mobile Disco star revealed, “ “But I think (SMD band mate) Jars and I will come up with a new name for that,” he added.

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