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Larry & Daniel’s Non Family Festive Fun :

Reported by Tristan Ingram on December 21, 2007

New York underground club promoters Larry Tee and Daniel Nardicio chatted to Skrufff this week about their plans for Christmas and revealed they’ll both be avoiding traditional family gatherings.

“I hope to be spending time with my hot, young new boyfriend, eating turkey and making mad love,” said Larry, “However, I don’t a boyfriend or a turkey as of yet.”

Daniel similarly said he’s planning a low-key affair (‘with a beautiful boy in a bed & breakfast hotel in upstate New York’) and said he’ll also be throwing some of his infamously hardcore parties in Manhattan over the break.

“I realized years ago that lots of gay men would rather be sucking dick on Christmas Eve than spending it with their family,” Daniel explained, “It was a shocking revelation, and Oh, the things I've seen on my Christmas Eves.”

Teetotal electroclash pioneer Larry, meanwhile, said he’ll be happy staying off the booze again, stressing he’s equally comfortable with abstinence at Christmas as at any other time of the year.

“Having celebrated 10 years without drugs or alcohol, I actually don't notice the drunken revelry so much. But to be honest, I would much rather spend my holiday with a newcomer excited about counting his days clean, than having champagne holidays toasts with Donald Trump.  
Champagne is WAY overrated,” he declared, adding that he also considers family Christmases equally over-done.

“For the last two years, I have spent Christmas Day in Brazil and there is nothing in the world more extravagant than walking down the beach in Ipanema looking at all the dazzling holiday-esque beachcombers,” said Larry, “Of course, I was really sad that I couldn't spend it in Georgia with my pentacostal brother and his wife who voted for BUSH!” he laughed.

Princess Superstar said she’ll be taking an entirely different approach, spending Christmas with her family and chilling out.

“We are Jewish but because my mother is Sicilian and grew up Catholic we always do a big Christmas,” she explained. “I also may go up to Moby's house because he is having a little party this Christmas which should be fun.”

“Sobriety at Christmas is not hard- who wants to get drunk with the
family- no thanks,” she continued, “Though a full on coke binge with
Mom- now that's another story!! Ha, ha just kidding,” she laughed. (Daniel’s gay social networking site) (Larry DJs in Las Vegas on December 30 and 31st) (Shooting Santa game)

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