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Ibiza’s Lap Of Luxury ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on January 3, 2008

The Sunday Times branded Ibiza a ‘sybaritic (hedonistic) paradise for the rich’, in August suggesting the island is being over-run by ‘rave butlers, concierge services and . . . twinkly London social divas’. Space promoter Mark Broadbent told the paper ‘a lot of people need a VIP area, times have changed’ a point Pacha boss Danny Whittle agreed on.

“Personally, I hate them (VIP rooms), I don’t like that style of clubbing,” Danny told the Times. “I’ll always prefer a bar to a bottle in a bucket, but that’s the way the island is going,” he added.

The Times article coincided with a scathing critique of Ibiza’s nouveau riche clubbers by GQ editor Dylan Jones, who complained in the Daily Mail that the island has become ‘full of dodgy British tourists in baggy singlets, white trousers and funny-shaped sandals.’

“The thing is, no matter how ghastly you think people look, it's almost impossible to be over-dressed on Ibiza,” the fashion expert added, “My memories of Space are a bunch of gurning oiks "getting down" and a lot of mutton-dressed-as-offal bursting out of their fluorescent high-street bikinis,” he mocked.

Both articles appeared two years to the day after the Sunday Times first ridiculed rich people taking over club-land, in an article headlined  ‘Posh birds can't dance’.

“What is it with posh girls and dancing? Were they off sick the day they taught boogie at their finishing schools? Did they decide to take show-jumping instead of rump-shaking? Don’t their parents let them watch Justin Timberlake videos, for God’s sake?” Times hack Spencer James quipped. “They may seem to have it all, but the one thing the well-heeled lack in spades is rhythm,” he added. (Disco dancing lessons) (Disco game) (Disco pants)

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