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P Diddy Denies Doing Ibiza Drugs ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on January 3, 2008

US hip hop mogul Puff Daddy was reportedly enraged in September when Youtube viewers speculated he was purchasing drugs on a film clip taken at Ibiza club DC10.

“Any suggestion he is buying drugs would be patently false,” P Diddy’s lawyers told the Sun, “He does not use drugs.”

The incident occurred three years after the flamboyant impresario was also involved in an Ibiza drugs mix-up after 20 armed security men mistook guests attending a private party on his luxury yacht as criminals and stormed onboard.

"Puffy just freaked. He's always worried that people are out to get him because of his fame, so he just ran for it,” a ‘source’ told the Daily Star, "He'd been chilling out in the hot tub in his shorts and just flung a fur coat on. He got the shock of his life."

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