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UK Nightlife Goes To The Dogs ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on January 8, 2008

Eastbourne cops launched a sniffer dog campaign against clubbers over the festive break, with people arriving at the local station on weekend evenings facing random searches as they passed through the ticket barrier.

"I think there could be a problem with drugs if we don't keep on top of it,” local top cop Chief Inspector Coates told reporters, “If they (users) think Eastbourne is a soft area, people could come to deal drugs and use the rail network.”

Just three individuals were caught with drugs in the first raid (all for tiny amounts of cannabis, though the Inspector stressed revellers can expect  ‘numerous’ similar operations in 2008.

"We are more concerned about the more hard drugs - cocaine, heroin and so on,” he said, “But actually cannabis affects young people and can make people do strange things and be violent.”

Meanwhile in neighbouring seaside resort Brighton, DJ Wanker from electro-queercore monthly F**K The Pain Away, forwarded Skrufff a mail from private sniffer dog company Samurai Security this week, offering him his own personal canine escort for hire for  a basic rate of £250 a night.

“If the dogs are coming to the area for multiple venue bookings the cost is £45 per 20 minute session. You can have as few or as many 15 minutes as you require at the times you require,” Samurai director Danielle Curzon promised in her no nonsense sales pitch.

“The dogs are a great deterrent and show to the public that you are being proactive in trying to ensure they have a safe & enjoyable night out,” she added.

Ms Curzon said her dogs particularly specialise in ‘queue screening – this involves the dog walking up & down the queue searching customers before they enter the venue’ and ‘Toilet checks’.

“When inside a cubicle there is no monitoring at all,” she pointed out.

“It is very common to find drug residue & drug litter behind the toilets, in the toilet cistern and also tucked inside the toilet roll holders and on the toilet itself,” she added.

In more UK nightlife crackdown news, Thames Valley police started up anti-rave patrols again this week, after failing to prevent 500 revellers from partying all night long at an out of the way warehouse in the Poyle Industrial Estate.

 “This is the first rave that we have had in a number of years,” Slough East Neighbourhood Inspector, Andy Boomer told the Slough Observer,

“There have been a few reports of raves taking place under the motorway bridges in South Bucks,” he added.