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New Wave Metrosexuals Go Punk ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on January 9, 2008

US trendspotter Marian Salzman this week predicted that real fur and ‘long, elegant dresses in expensive fabrics like silk and chiffon’ will be in vogue in 2008 alongside another new wave of designer ‘punk rockers’.

“Punk's not dead, it has just been reborn on the catwalk,” Ms Salzman told Scotland On Sunday, “Rips, rivets, leather, studs, zips and frayed edges will be a major theme for next year, in both the women's and the menswear collections. For a softer but still edgy look, go for rock star chic and team with a snarl,” she advised.

As well as being the woman ‘who popularised the term 'metrosexual'’ (Scotland On Sunday again) the New York marketer previously gained kudos after name-checking Osama Bin Laden as one to watch in 2000, though her prophecies are unlikely to influence London’s club fashionistas. All You Can Eat man-about-town Jim Warboy told Skrufff he already considers punk ‘a much over-used word’ which he’s long been careful to distance himself from,

“I can see elements of punk in my outlook but I’m also a bit of a hippy,” Jim confessed, “Though interestingly more people seem to want to be regarded as punks rather than hippies.”

Foreign/ ex Anti-Social/ Yr Mum Yr Dad star Scottee was similarly ambiguous declaring ‘I identify with the punk aesthetic, I like its spirit but like Christmas, it’s been seamlessly branded and available to buy at any good Claire’s Accessories.”

However, Scottee nominated Soho Square nightspot Punk as London’s best venue of 2007 and said he has no plans for scaling back his own uber-flamboyant dress sense whatever the cultural climate.

“Dressing up always attracts unwanted attention,” he pointed out, “But if I didn’t want it, I wouldn’t do it,” he laughed.

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