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DJ Mag No Longer Bi ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on January 9, 2008

DJ Mag No Longer Bi

DJ Magazine is stopping publishing issues every two weeks and instead becoming monthly, the legendary club publication announced last week, in a surprisingly bullish press release.

Putting a massively positive spin on the print magazine cut back, DJ claimed the new monthly editions will be ‘bumper issues’ with receiving additional resources to make it ‘a one-stop shop for up-to-the minute news, music reviews, club listings and music downloads.’

“Our new strategy will mean every issue of DJ Magazine is a special coffee-table edition with in-depth and insightful features,” advertising manager Heath Holmes promised, “The first special monthly edition is our ‘top 50 remixers of all-time’ issue — a must for all serious dance music fans,” he claimed.

The change came just over a month after massively successful free print mag One Week To Live abandoned print production altogether, prompting publisher George Crones to speak presciently about the state of the UK dance mag market.
“Right now readers can get up-to-the-minute information online for free, so it is harder than ever to convince them to hand over their hard-earned money for a magazine that is weeks or months out of date before it hits the shelves,” George told Skrufff in December.
“Though it is not something they normally talk about, the paid-for UK dance titles have been steadily losing circulation for years,” he continued, “That trend can’t continue for much longer and still have those titles be sustainable, so at a certain point they will go digital as well.”

DJ mag’s first ‘coffee table’ edition is in the shops on 30 January. (James Mowbray’s Mixmag)

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