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Coke & Booze Cocktail Threat ::

Reported by Tristan Ingram on January 9, 2008

Drinkers who use cocaine risk developing an addiction to coca-ethylene which means they’ll start craving cocaine every time they drink alcohol, health campaigners in Newcastle warned last week.

Steve East, from Barnardo's Streetlevel drug services team explained that the coke/ booze cocktail combined to produce secondary drug coca-ethylene which has been linked to numerous fatalities in the South Tyneside region.

"Mixing alcohol and cocaine can be deadly for a couple of reasons,” he told the Southshields Gazette.

"First of all, you won't be able to gauge how much you're drinking, because the cocaine masks the effects of alcohol. Once the high wears off, you will immediately feel the alcohol in your system,” he said.

“Second, the alcohol and cocaine create a potentially lethal mix in the liver, coca-ethylene."

The perils of using alcohol and drugs were highlighted by the Independent this week, who recounted an illuminating anecdote from Shane McGowan’s girlfriend Victoria Mary Clarke, of the time she popped round the Pogues singer’s house to find blood spurting out of his mouth, following an aborted attempt to eat volume three of The Beach Boys' greatest hits.

"[Shane] had become convinced that the third world war was taking place and that he, as the leader of the Irish republic, was holding a summit meeting in his kitchen between the heads of state of the world superpowers, Russia, China, America and Ireland," Ms Clarke recalled (in the Guardian).

"In order to demonstrate the cultural inferiority of the United States, he was eating a Beach Boys album,” she added.

Meanwhile in Wokingham, cops combined drug test ioniser machines with free lollipops for New Year’s Eve revellers, the Reading Chronicle reported, in a novel attempt to pacify partygoers.

“We need to reduce the amount of assaults within the town centre,” Inspector Lindsay James, of Wokingham police explained.

"It's not rocket science because everyone knows that if you mix alcohol with controlled drugs it creates aggression among people,” she added.

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